Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Back at Poly

After wayyyy too long without internet I am finally back. I'm now back down in good old SLO and attending band camp (yay!!!). I come home nights, late after too many hours out marching, absolutely exhausted. I go to sleep and wake up early so that I can start the previous day over again.

Amazing how easy it is to fall back in to familiar grooves, comfortable grooves. It's amazing how easy it is to block everything else out and make yourself forget about everything but what you're doing right then. All it takes is concentration and no time to your self.


The torture endured by one. Pain cannot be shared, pain cannot be removed by another. The turmoil inside is just that, inside. Forever around people, yet forever painfully alone.


The reason for existence? Or is that merely one of the trials and tribulations that existence is born with. So many things unexplained come from the entity known as "people"

Emotion is the most perplexing, constant, and bipolar thing on earth. Constantly you have emotion that can be both good and bad and you don't know why or where it comes from. An explanation or a road map might make it easier, but to chart emotion would be like trying to chart the stars with a pencil and paper in the daytime. You could get some of them you think but in reality you don't even know that for sure.

If you can't tell my emotions are quite tumultuous right now. I have no semblance of order rhyme or reason to myself anymore and that is not fun. That's all I have. I'll try again when I'm not so tired. (next year?)

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