Saturday, September 07, 2002


Someone said that life has a lot of choices. I disagree. I think that life is purely a string of choices.

I'm troubling myself again with choices that have been made and with choices that could be made. Relationships are the bane and the blessing of existence. If you don't have one you're fretting because you want one. If you do have one you fret because you're afraid your going to lose it. And if you have more than one're in big trouble. Then there's always that mythical "right one" is that the point where you've found someone that tolerant enough of you that you can tolerate them? I yearn for the day where I'm in a situation that I find a girl like that and she lives in the same place as me.

Cuddling is a fun sport, yet so tantalizing at the same time it's torture. I was described it to a fellow peer as "Holding out water to a thirsty man and telling him he can't drink." Ce la vie. I'm glad I'm the only one that this has to make sense too. For any of you that do read, you're seeing a small piece of the mind of a crazy man.

I might do another posting later but right now I'm talking to Pam and would rather do that. Good night ever, ever land.

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