Saturday, September 28, 2002

For 10 years

I realized recentlyt hat I have been in band for 10 years now. 10 years is a really long time to do anything. Tonight was the first time that I have had any doubt that I enjoyed it or that I was doing something I should be doing. Tonight we went out and performed a field show that we have prepared in two weeks and spent probably 60 hours of time on to get this prepared in two weeks, in time for the first home game of the new school year. After doing our performance the powers that be came up to us in the stands where we doing "pep band" type playing and pulled our drum major aside to bitch at her about the things the band was doing wrong (not technical stuff like field show marching, but like frequency of playing, in stands etc...) Not only did they pull her aside and do this but five different people seperately pulled her aside and told her basically the same thing. I mean we were in the stands because the powers that be want us there to cheer on the team, be a school spirit promoter, and to play music. We sacrifice our Friday and Saturday nights on top of countless hours of rehearsal time so that we can go out and fulfil this desire of theirs and then they have the gall to bitch at us. It's very disheartening. It really makes me question if I should be taking out all this time and putting in all this energy for this activity if it's going to be negatively ripped to shreds everytime I go out in public. Anyway, I'm getting to the point of sleep deprivation and there is no telling what's going to start going through my mind and onto the computer screen. So to anyone that reads this goodnight.

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