Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Going good

Well I think that I've reached that point. You know how when you start working out after having not worked out in awhile you are really pretty sore and get absolutely exhausted, but then you start to enjoy it and everything is good. Well Band camp is the same way. I think that I've finally hit that crest because tonight I'm feeling really pretty good, whereas the last few nights I've been utterly exhausted. I'm feeling so good that I almost feel like starting some kind of running routine or something. Almost.

You know thinking of excersise always makes me realize how lazy our society has become. We now do so little physical work that we have to set aside time to perform manual labor to maintain the natural human form. The worst part about this is that the manual labor (excersise) is completly pointless. It's not productive labor like it would have been say 50 years ago. Sadder still is that so few people will even take the energy/time to do that little bit of work so we have problems with obesity across the country. Fast Food, TV Dinners, and Ready made meals don't make it any easier. I'm not trying to pass judgement here because I have very little room to talk. I eat Ready made meals and fast food as much as the next guy and could definitely stand to be in a lot better shape. I just think that it's unfortunate for this to have happened in our society. "The wonderful United States of America" Amazing how that didn't mean anything to anyone before some horrible people needlessly killed 1000's of innocent people. It's honestly a horrible thing that happened at the world trade center and I have no dispute about that. It's depressing that it took such a tragedy for US Citizens to gain any form of Nationalism. Now it seems that there a lot of people showing US bravado, but because they didn't show any of that before it comes across as very superficial and weak. How long is this going to last before we need another horrible tragedy to bond again? Amazing how the great super power has so little to bind it together as a nation. As a nation we're made up of a conglomerate of what the rest of the world has to offer and have nothing but citizenship to call our own. Ok, that's enough of my ranting.

I'll probably end up typing more later.

(My room is finally getting to be clean. Yay!!!)

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