Friday, September 20, 2002


There's a saying that goes something like, "You don't know what you've got til it's gone." and that is so incredibly true. I've seen this time and time again. Have you ever wondered where people come up with saying like that? And how it becomes something that everyone uses/knows? Well I have. I've figured out several of them. Take for example "Mind your P's and Q's" This occurs because way back in the day when you went to a tavern and drank you had a slate that kept track of how much you drank. It had two columns on it. One for pints "P" and one for quarts "Q". Well quarts of course cost more than pints and so as the night went on and you became more drunk the bartender would attempt to put a pints in the quart column so that you would have to pay more. Hence the advice mind your P's and Q's. Wonderful stuff eh?

I'm an addict I've decided. It's probably going to lead to some problems in life but I dont' know how to quit. I mean debating is just so much fun. My roomate and I will debate, non-stop for hours and people will stop to listen because we're very funny about it. Anyone that didn't know us would think that we hated each other the way we argue.

I found out today that people think that I'm a brick wall. I don't think that I'm a wall. I think I'm receptive to everything. I just know that I need a good valid/logical reason to change my mind. If my logic overpower the logic presented the my decision will hold firm. That's why people see me as a wall. That's actually kind of ironic because there is a limitation put on this observation. I'm only a wall when it comes to decisions I have made about myself, when it comes to absolutely anything else I'm open air for everything to flow through. I think that the quality I posses is not as bad as the people that made this observation make it out to be be, because it shows that I have conviction. I make a decision based on the information I have (logic) and stick to that decision. Good idea. If that information changes then my decision is able to be changed as well.

Well I guess that I've quelched my lonliness long enough to go to sleep. Good night to everyone and Pam I want you to feel better ASAP cuz being sick is not fun at all. I know you're probably the one of the few people with the exception of rachel that has read this, but still I thought that I would specify. :) Au voire.

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