Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Sad News

Well about 3 years ago I made a promise that I would go and see my "Little Sister's" graduation. I finally found out this year that it's going to be on the same day that my Wind Orchestra concert would be on so i couldn't do Wind Orchestra spring quarter. I went and talked to the director about this and he told me that I couldn't do Wind Orchestra at all because winter and spring quarter go together as one. So I had one solitary year in Wind Orchestra. On top of this, none of the majors at cal poly want me. It's looking more and more like I should just drop out and go work. It would be cheaper and easier and I would have money instead of being broke all the time. On a good note, I'm really enjoying my work on Japanese with the exception that it is going to be really, really difficult to learn. I'm goign to have to call on all my resources that speak Japanese in order for me to get this at all. The pronunciations and things like that are really difficult. Especially in this book that I have. But this is the book that they use in the 101 course that I hope to challenge someday so I have to use it. I'm probably going to go and pick up another book or two, but mostly I'm going to try and sit down with my friends who are fluent and try and pick up what I need from them. I signed up today for an online Japanese course. It seems like it will be very helpful so far. We'll see. It's really cheap and it's done on a month to month basis so I can always cancel it, if I don't use it much. So alright yeah. That's all I have for tonight. Mostly because what is running through my head right now I really dont' think anyone else out there in journal land would want to hear. Maybe some of you out in explicit romance novel land... :) Peace.

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