Thursday, September 19, 2002

Where'd the Energy Go?

Last night I felt good enough to run a marathon tonight I feel like I'm ready to break down and cry. I must be MPMSing or something and my hormones are way out of wack. I accomplished a lot today though so that's a good thing. I no longer have anything left to unpack. WOOHOOO!!!!! I found out our new room has a creme colored carpet. Did you hear that? Carpet!!! I didn't know it had carpet and I've been here 8 days. I think that I got everything organized soon enough that I won't expect to find it anywhere but where I put it away. So maybe, just maybe I can keep the room clean because of that. My ability to organize has impressed even myself. I keep way too much useless junk that is very hard to find anyway to organize and some how I have come up with a way to that so I'm quite pleased.

My roomate commented to me just a second ago that I have really been going at this live journal thing. I guess he's right, with the exception of that period of time when I had no internet, I've kept it up fairly regularly. We have to wait and see what happens when school starts and I start getting really busy and having a ton of things to do. Hopefully I'll still be able to keep this up because it's really a very nice release. I love to write when I have something on my mind and normally it just ends up in some file that I forget or gets deleted or something and that makes me sad because I've written some very interesting stuff that I would've liked to have kept. Oh well, ce la vie.

Patience is a virtue. I must remind myself this whislt I am waiting for something. I've been told that I am a very patient man, but patience is something that I must work really hard at. I've had to bite my tongue more times than I can think of so it's become second nature. I guess that qualifies as patience eh? Well that's all for tonight. Au voire.

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