Thursday, December 12, 2002


Well tomorrow is the last day of the quarter and my last final. Calculus is the bane of my existence, if I never have to take a nother calculus class again it will be too soon. This class has been extremely frustrating in the fact that because I was sick one day and missed a midterm I now need to get 190/200 on the final to get the grade I set out for, before that I needed only like a 50% and I would have had it easily. GRRRRR!!!!!! On a brighter note, I'm 92% hotter than most other guys. click here This is me though Ain't I cute?
Speaking of cute, I have a very strong possibility happening in my life right now. Her name is Mary and boy is she cute. I'm taking my time though, I'm sure that she likes me and that I like her, but right now it's just back and forth flirting which is fun all the same. I've rarely done that before. I'll try and post more later gotta run.

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