Monday, December 23, 2002

Grrrr...techno troubles

So I had a whole bunch of movies rented and I finally got sometime that I could sit down and watch them. So I sat down and popped one in. Not having looked at the screen I plop down on the couch and put up the foot rest. I turn to start enjoying the movie and what do I see? A picture that looks like a bad attempt at those 3D blue and red comics. Somehow the lights in the projection TV decided to disalign themselves and I have torn the TV as much apart as I can to no avail. The on place that I think the problem is (with the aiming of the mirrors) is one of the places that appears to be unreachable. I have sent an e-mail to the tech support at Toshiba and anxiously await their reply, but I have known support places to take weeks to reply especially to something like this. So I'm not holding my breath. But GRRRRRRR that irks me. We've only had the thing like 5 years, it shouldn't be dying yet. We're probably going to have to pay someone to look at, and fix it. This is not one of my areas of expertise and working on a TV is very dangerous due to the size of the capacitors that TV's use. I could get myself killed or even worse I could damage the TV further. if they could have just made it so that I could access the mirrors everything would have been hunky dory. Oh well.

I got to hang out with a friend of mine by the name of Yukari today. She was staying at a friend of mine's house which is how I met her and now she is back in the states attending college at SOU. It was a lot of fun. AFter that I came back to my dissappointment and stubbornly watched my movie anyway. At least after spending an hour or so trying to fix it on my own.

I've been waiting since she left to talk to her and was finally able to get hold of her. Sounded extremely humurous answering the phone all out of breath and then claiming "wrestling" :) Which I'm 100% sure is exactly what she was probably doing. That type of personality.

Well this aleved my bordem for a little bit. I shall go back and find something else to do. Maybe I shall continue reading that book that I have been going to read for awhile...

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