Thursday, December 26, 2002

I'm on a roll...

So this morning was the first morning that I actually, truly slept in since like finals week sometime. It felt really good. Especially since I didn't wake up with a really sore throat, instead I woke up with a cough that hasn't gone away. I know that means that I'm over the cold but in order to get rid of the cough I have to take a puff or two on my inhaler, which I left in SLO cuz I didn't think that I would be needing it...go figure. So it looks like I'm going to be putting up with this cold for awhile. Oh well C'est La Vie.

I was able to go and hang out with my old friend Jessica Brown today for a little while. She happened to be at the mall when I was there and so I got to see her and her friend Liz, whom I knew but had never really met.

The other thing that I did today was run into Jenny and Kelley, from the first Kelley was her typical self, but congrats to me on the fact that it doesn't bother me. More and more, I'm happy to realize my freedom from her.

On another note, I got a really cool carrying case for my number one christmas present. I can attach it to my belt and have it with me always. (Kind of reminds me of a Jewel song "I want to be near you alwaaaaaaayssss...") So I've been around flaunting that. I also got a call from Sammot today, so we'll be hanging out. That will be cool. Speaking of Sammot I got an e-mail today informing me that she has an online journal account now too. Except for instead of using livejournal she is using something called Apparently a copy-cat site of livejournal. Using similar code to that of livejournal. Though considerably slower than livejournal it is free with no codes required and gives you all the benefits of livejournal. (Not to plug or anything...)

Hmmm...what else. Oh, I talked to Pam and looks like she is going to be hopefully coming over here tomorrow. She also informed that if I had been staying like another week there would be all kinds of time that she would be coming over here, but I do have to go back to SLO cuz I have a band gig on the 2nd. YAY BAND!!!!!(If we don't keep up our spirits and high energy we would question why we did it)

I also am left today with a lingering desire to finish the Harry Potter series. I finished the third book last night and have been having that craving that I used to get with books, all day long. I wish I had time to read more. Oh well, I'll enjoy this break while I can. Speaking of break I really need to get some work done...yeah right. Maybe one of these free days. :)

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