Sunday, December 29, 2002

Lazy Day

I slept in this morning, because I really felt like it. I had been considering going to Church but changed my mind because it felt so good in bed. I then sat and down and proceeded to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I'm really flying through the books now that I have time to sit down and read. I finished the third book in a day and I'm already 250 pages through the fourth book. Ahhhhh...I love being able relax and do what I want. I still have pressing business that I should attend to but I'm not going to I'm going to revel in these relaxing days whilst I still can. Amazing how quickly they are going. I only have about 3 more days til I'm going to be leaving back down south. WOW!!!! That's really quickly.
Ok so New Year's is approaching and Will broached to me the question of New Year's resolutions. I ahdn't even thought about it. So I've decided that I'll write down what I think I want to get accomplished in the next year I'm not sure if they are really resolutions but oh well. So here goes:

I'm going to make sure that I learn Japanese continually. Or at least to keep studying diligently.
I'm going to hopefully use my new Sony Clie to keep myself in line and get things done like I'm supposed to instead of wasting time.
I want to try and read more often besides just text books.
I'm going to try and cut down on the club activities that I'm a part of and work more on my own interests outside of those clubs (yeah, like this is going to happen...)

That's a fairly ambitious list for me. On another note I was talking with Jason Reno and found out about some construction that's going to be going on in this area that is going to take like 6 months to complete and is going to back up traffic for miles. This construction is going to start 4 days after I leave and end like 5 days before I'm going to be coming back home. What good timing I have!!! :)

It's been raining like the entire time that I've been up here and I found out yesterday that there was over 2 feet of new snow on Mt. Ashland in one night. I really wanted to go snowboarding but it doesn't look like that is going to happen unless Will changes his mind and does it tomorrow. That would be something if that happens but I doubt it. OH!! I got two new Japanese books, I'm stoked they look like they are going to be pretty useful, especially paired with all the books that I already have and the awesome help that I get from the Asai Family.
Well that's all for now, toodaloo!

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