Tuesday, December 31, 2002


Well tomorrow is the day, I've spent a majority of this day running around the house finding all the things that I have stashed in random places since I've been home and now am pretty sure that I'm packed. I'm not sure whether it's fortunate or not, but my mom is going to be taking me out to breakfast tomorrow before I leave and then I'm hitting the road hopefully by or before 11AM. I'm destined for Davis by 4 if at all possible. Looking at the weather forcast I think that I picked a good day to leave. It looks like it's just going to continue to get nastier as the week progresses. In all seriousness I should probably be leaving today but it's New Year's eve and I can't miss that!!! I unfortunately had to miss out on going puddle jumping with Sammot and a bunch of people today because of this packing bit, but apparently it was a success, a bunch of people showed up that half weren't even expected. What is puddle jumping you might ask? Well not to sound smart ass or anything (if you know me at you know I'm lying now...) but puddle jumping is going and jumping in puddles. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

On another note, I finally finished the Harry Potter series. It's completed at last, then I was looking on my computer. I happened to glance into the recycle bin and was going to toss some stuff until I saw some old supposed e-books of Harry Potter that I had never got to work. They now had an icon next to them and the extension on them was familiar now. ".PDB" "Why," I says to myself, "That is a database for a palm PDA." Upon which realization I transferred them to my palm and was pleasantly disgruntled to see they worked. Pleasant because I had my own copies now, disgruntled because I had just finished reading them... Oh well.

I don't think that I've talked about this on here but normally on New Year's Eve we have a party with the same group of friends and we all get together and that's fun. This year however, about 3/4 of these friends were invited to another party and are going to be going there. I was invited to this party as well and told that I could bring along whomever I wanted. That was all find and dandy we were going to merge the two parties is was going to be great. Then I get a call yesterday saying, "you weren't going to bring Ashley were you?" I had planned on it, but the host told me in so many words that she wasn't welcome. So now all the people that she normally has New Year's Eve with are invited to and probably going to this other party and she can't. That makes for a really sucky situation. I've gone over in my head how to remedy the situation but there really isn't anything that I can think of that would make it all work out. So yeah, that's all I have to say about that...

THIS IS MY 21st ENTRY (I think) and that means that I actually have a history now on my Livejournal. That's amazing!! Well Happy New year to you all!!!!!


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