Sunday, January 26, 2003

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It's been awhile

Well it looks like I broke my streak. Oh well here goes for a long update.

The ballroom dance last Saturday was fun and we managed to just about break even, so everything was good there. All dates for next quarter have been finalized and memberships have been approved. We'll see how that goes. Also on a ballroom note, when the BU went to San Diego, our president got a little tipsy and was overheard claiming responsibility for the reformation of the ballroom club this quarter. It was apparently one of his first times being tipsy so we'll let it slide.

Let's see, fencing news. I'm now the VP for fencing. I got my fencing gear last night and it's way cool. Everyone was oogling over my shoes, so I'm hoping that they're a good pair. The Jacket fits really well and looks way good. Unfortunately though, on Tues they confiscated all my club stuff. So I dont' have a foil and I really miss it. I'd built a routine for practicing and since I dont' have a foil that routine is now going downhill fast. Maybe I should have bought a blade too...nah I don't know what weapon I'm going to like yet. Also I got an award in appreciation for showing up to everything. That was unexpected and cool.

Hmmm, what else. I had some griping to do, but I've griped to several people since then so I don't really feel like griping anymore. Sunday went pretty well, we only had 3 alumni show up, but oh well. I'm now in posession of Mr. Dippy for the time being.

Oh, I do have cool news. Sean and I are going to see the Screensavers live in San Francisco on the Monday of Spring break. That ought to be really cool. Then I'm going to go visit Sandy and Charm and eventually work my way to my grandparents house, where I'll be leaving for a weekend long cruise on the friday of spring break. Yay! That ought to be fun, I've never been on a cruise. Well tonight is a swing dance and I'm hungry so I'm going to go get some food.


We had a small day retreat yesterday with KKPsi. It was a lot of fun. There was this really nice campsite out at Lopez Lake. The campsite had a hill that just looked so appealing I could resist. I went and climbed to the top of it. Unfortunately though, there was a very difficult wall of bushes to surmount. I did it, but my arms and legs now look like mincemeat. I tore my jeans and my shirt a little bit, but it was so much fun!!! Then I got to climb around on trees and running around chasing a frisbee (Why do those kind of activities sound familiar? Isn't there something else I know that likes to do that?).

Last night I also talked with Mary, I still don't understand, but I guess I'm just going to have to accept that fact. Tonight we are going to go see the Harlem Globe Trotters at the Rec Center. That should be way cool. I was supposed to have got tickets much sooner than I did, but due to events kind of forgot about that. So because of my lateness the tickets are for the upper seating which isn't as good a view I'd imagine. We'll see how it goes. Sorry, no creativity today. That's all for now.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Just a few more days

Two finals down, one to go. I had one yesterday morning at 7 am and I think I did really well. That was the Microeconomics final and the one I was worried about. This morning at 7am I had my Financial Accounting final, which didn't worry me in the least. Well I aced the multiple choice I'm pretty sure, but the problems worry me, I think I got about half of those. Luckily I think those are a considerably smaller portion of the total grade. We'll see.

The thus-far-put-to-television Dune saga has ended. After only a mere 10 hours of watching Dune we are finally done. Gee, why didn't we wait til next Sunday so we could have watched all 10 hours at once!?!? A majority of the people that attended have the potential of seeing each other every night this week. Wow, the BU has been really busy.

Oh, in one of my previous entries I mentioned Mr. Dippy. Check him out!.

I applied to the COB on Mon. There was note saying that if your GPA was not 3.0 don't apply. I applied anyway, with a note. My plan right now is, if they dont' accept me, I'm going to apply for an appeal and talk with whatever high up I need to, so that I can sell myself to them. I think I have a much better shot in person of getting into something like that. Especially if I'm at my peak performance when that happens. We'll see.

For some reason I have been having trouble falling right to sleep at night. I think it has to do with the fact that I have been getting normal amounts of sleep recently and so I'm actually not exhausted when I go to sleep. I've spent about an hour lying in bed every night completely awake, just thinking. Amazing how many things I have to think about. I've realized that I miss my foil. That routine I mentioned was more ingrained than I thought. I'm also feeling the itch. The itch to go and test my physical limits. I haven't done that in a really long time. Heck, the closest that I've come is when I was wrestling Trevor. Maybe I should go camping this weekend. Leave Sat, come back Monday. I have the backpacking essentials here. At least the bare essentials. That would be fun, I could get a map, find an area that is legal, and go cross country for a day. Or maybe I should just go on a cross country day run. That would be fun too. I need to get out and exhaust myself though. Climb trees, run up hills, explore creeks (do they have those in CA?), jump from high that sounds like so much fun. I'm definitely getting out for at least the day on Saturday. I will need to get a pair of hiking shoes. I really don't want to, because I know as soon as I do I'll find my beloved pair that have been lost for so long.

Monday, January 06, 2003


I forgot to mention that I might be taking out my own Domain Name and sharing some server space with Sean. That would be cool...That would mean bye bye live journal hello Moveable Type.

First Day...

First day of classes today. I've now managed to get two of the three classes that I have set out to get. Hopefully this one that starts in the next hour will be as easy as the last one. This is the one that I've been worried about so we'll see.

Well I haven't really written in here in a few days. So I'll go back to New Year's. We ended up having the party at my friend Jessica Brown's house and even though I had told Will that Jessica had told me that Ashley wasn't really welcome. Ashley came and things were fine, so that dilema was at least worked out appropiately. I had a blast, it was really good to be hanging out with some of those people again. Especially Sammot, we haven't really had a chance to just hangout like that since last New Year's Eve. Funny event of the evening. Will got it in his mind that Robby needed a kiss for new year's. (yes they are both boys) so four people helped will kiss the unwilling Robby. That was entertaining. Kelley was there and was really civil, makes me think that maybe we'll be able to salvage the restart of a friendship sometime in the future. I dont' have the enrgy or the time right now though.

Ummmm...other news. Mary and I have been spending a lot of very pleasant time together. I think something is fastly developing there, but we'll see. I guess there's really no need to rush things. I'll just take everything one step at a time.

I don't think I've mentioned that it's good to be back home. Home/home just isn't what it used to be. Spending my time in the living room on an inflatable mattress is not my idea of fun. Speaking of fun, I dont' think that I'm going to do pep band this quarter. I've decided that it really is a huge time commitment and I resolved to cut down on my time commitments. So Here's a hard choice that I've decided to make. That means next quarter I'm going to be taking some kind of ensemble or something so that I have 2 quarters of a music program to fulfill my KKPsi requirments, plus I don't think that I could go that long without playing. I miss it often times. Casey isn't going to be happy with me...

We had our first offical officer's meeting for ballroom yesterday, which was right before my Winter Drumline meeting. (I am doing winter drumline, I dont' get credit for that...I wonder if that will count for KKPsi...) We only had 4 people at the meeting and Johnathan came up with this idea of spending 250 bucks on movies to rent out to people. Personally I think that's a waste. Even if it is 7 movies I wouldn't spend more than like 70 bucks on that. There's no way that they will pay for themselves shorter than two years. I bet they'll just be added to the stuff that doesn't get used in ballroom.

I love SLO. It's about 72 degrees right now and we had a high of 76 yesterday. Sounds a little warm right? Well we have a very pleasant breeze coming in off the coast. And they call this winter...

I think that's all for now. Ciao or something like that.

Friday, January 03, 2003

Once again I am SLO Faring

Well I got back into SLO town yesterday and it's good to be home. I came home to about 20 pieces of mail, which is always very pleasant. Amongst that mail was my new WiFi card, yay!! I only paid 30 bucks for it on e-bay. Normally goes for like 60-90 bucks, so that's cool.

Well that's it for now. Just playing with my new WiFi card.