Monday, January 06, 2003

First Day...

First day of classes today. I've now managed to get two of the three classes that I have set out to get. Hopefully this one that starts in the next hour will be as easy as the last one. This is the one that I've been worried about so we'll see.

Well I haven't really written in here in a few days. So I'll go back to New Year's. We ended up having the party at my friend Jessica Brown's house and even though I had told Will that Jessica had told me that Ashley wasn't really welcome. Ashley came and things were fine, so that dilema was at least worked out appropiately. I had a blast, it was really good to be hanging out with some of those people again. Especially Sammot, we haven't really had a chance to just hangout like that since last New Year's Eve. Funny event of the evening. Will got it in his mind that Robby needed a kiss for new year's. (yes they are both boys) so four people helped will kiss the unwilling Robby. That was entertaining. Kelley was there and was really civil, makes me think that maybe we'll be able to salvage the restart of a friendship sometime in the future. I dont' have the enrgy or the time right now though.

Ummmm...other news. Mary and I have been spending a lot of very pleasant time together. I think something is fastly developing there, but we'll see. I guess there's really no need to rush things. I'll just take everything one step at a time.

I don't think I've mentioned that it's good to be back home. Home/home just isn't what it used to be. Spending my time in the living room on an inflatable mattress is not my idea of fun. Speaking of fun, I dont' think that I'm going to do pep band this quarter. I've decided that it really is a huge time commitment and I resolved to cut down on my time commitments. So Here's a hard choice that I've decided to make. That means next quarter I'm going to be taking some kind of ensemble or something so that I have 2 quarters of a music program to fulfill my KKPsi requirments, plus I don't think that I could go that long without playing. I miss it often times. Casey isn't going to be happy with me...

We had our first offical officer's meeting for ballroom yesterday, which was right before my Winter Drumline meeting. (I am doing winter drumline, I dont' get credit for that...I wonder if that will count for KKPsi...) We only had 4 people at the meeting and Johnathan came up with this idea of spending 250 bucks on movies to rent out to people. Personally I think that's a waste. Even if it is 7 movies I wouldn't spend more than like 70 bucks on that. There's no way that they will pay for themselves shorter than two years. I bet they'll just be added to the stuff that doesn't get used in ballroom.

I love SLO. It's about 72 degrees right now and we had a high of 76 yesterday. Sounds a little warm right? Well we have a very pleasant breeze coming in off the coast. And they call this winter...

I think that's all for now. Ciao or something like that.

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