Sunday, January 26, 2003

It's been awhile

Well it looks like I broke my streak. Oh well here goes for a long update.

The ballroom dance last Saturday was fun and we managed to just about break even, so everything was good there. All dates for next quarter have been finalized and memberships have been approved. We'll see how that goes. Also on a ballroom note, when the BU went to San Diego, our president got a little tipsy and was overheard claiming responsibility for the reformation of the ballroom club this quarter. It was apparently one of his first times being tipsy so we'll let it slide.

Let's see, fencing news. I'm now the VP for fencing. I got my fencing gear last night and it's way cool. Everyone was oogling over my shoes, so I'm hoping that they're a good pair. The Jacket fits really well and looks way good. Unfortunately though, on Tues they confiscated all my club stuff. So I dont' have a foil and I really miss it. I'd built a routine for practicing and since I dont' have a foil that routine is now going downhill fast. Maybe I should have bought a blade too...nah I don't know what weapon I'm going to like yet. Also I got an award in appreciation for showing up to everything. That was unexpected and cool.

Hmmm, what else. I had some griping to do, but I've griped to several people since then so I don't really feel like griping anymore. Sunday went pretty well, we only had 3 alumni show up, but oh well. I'm now in posession of Mr. Dippy for the time being.

Oh, I do have cool news. Sean and I are going to see the Screensavers live in San Francisco on the Monday of Spring break. That ought to be really cool. Then I'm going to go visit Sandy and Charm and eventually work my way to my grandparents house, where I'll be leaving for a weekend long cruise on the friday of spring break. Yay! That ought to be fun, I've never been on a cruise. Well tonight is a swing dance and I'm hungry so I'm going to go get some food.

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