Thursday, February 20, 2003

It's finally happened

I decided finally that I truly am sick. Gah, I dont' like being sick. This morning I was planning on going to my early class but when I woke up I felt like such crap that I continued sleeping. I figured I would wake up before my 12 o'clock class. Wrong again. I didn't wake up til 1:30 and I still felt like crap, but I had to force myself to get up. There were things that I needed to get done. Homework and such. So I had my meeting at 2, finished with that and saw Diana for like 2 mins at the Career Symposium that happened today. Then I helped out at the fencing fund raiser and killed my back some more. Feeling that right now, that's for sure. I need some serious TLC. So lets see, after that I got some dinner at Presto Pasta (I love that place!!! Thanks Mary ). After which I was so worn out I could hardly stand up. So I laid down and took a 30 min nap before fencing. I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open and it was painful to move, but I went to fencing. We started off with the lunge game and the progressed to tribal warfare. In tribal warfare I was the first one to fence in the one on one bout that would win for my team if I touched. I was going against Eric Phillips who is a saberist. The bout was a foil match so the on target is a little different the sabre. I took advantage of that and scored the touch. (What Mary will tell you is that I went below the belt to score a touch. Which is 100% completely true, but it sounds like I was fighting dirty, which I kinda was, but it was smart dirty or something. Yeah, anyway) I was so stoked about scoring that touch because the entire club was watching, all eyes focused on the bout and I didn't want to get schooled, but Eric has been fencing for the last 2 and half years so I thought it was pretty inevitable. I won, I won, I won!!!! hehe. Ok enough of that. The downside of the evening is that I have a huge project due tomorrow that is very time consuming and I dont' think that I gave myself enough time, but we'll see. Adieu.

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