Friday, February 28, 2003

IT is cool

I went on another field trip with the Japanese students again today. We went to Sonic Solutions software company. Very cool, though the entire presentation was given in Japanese so I kind of "got the gist" of what was going on. I also had some time today after Sonic Solutions to go walk around with the students at some outlet malls in Pismo. I ddint' even know the things were there. They had a Clair's and I got earrings again. Yay!! Now I have two more that I can lose. That wasn't the part that was cool though. It was more that I got a chance to talk with the students a little more and it seemed that we were able to bridge the language barrier quite a bit today. After the gathering party I invited a couple back to my house, but only Yuji-san decided to come. We played a Japanese game called Guilty Gear X. It was fun. I found out today that I am passed the deadline for the International Exchange program, so I will not be going to Japan all of next year. I might be able to find some kind of program though that will allow me to do it for a quarter. Richard Leroy is going to help me with that.

On an entirely different note, now that I have been released from the bonds of secrecy, I am so incredibly envious of Mary. She gets to go to Hawaii, live in Virginia for an entire year (next year), and she has been backpacking (among other very, very cool things) in New Zealand. Congratulations to Mary though because the Hawaii and Virginia things were highly competitive architecture events that she was selected for. Doesn't stop me from being jealous, but she deserves many props. And now, good night all.

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