Wednesday, February 12, 2003

No listening for you...

So I told this guy earlier in the day jokingly "No more talking for you." Later in the day we're sitting in the car and I'm in the front seat, he says "Myles, open your door." Unfortunately, everyone but me had seen the biker coming down the side of the street next to the car. With my normal luck, I managed to open the door just in time to hit the biker and potentially cause serious harm, but also with the other side of my luck there was nothing more than a few scratches on the bike, a few chips in the paint of bubble, and some mental anguish. It was really like something you see in Jack Ass or something like that. I couldn't believe I did it. Everything was alright though, and is actually in another week or so going to be a rather humerous story. Right now, I can't believe it happened though. Ah well, no harm no foul.

Today was a really long, but rather productive day. I left the house at 1 (after having been back for a few hours from class) and then didn't get home til about 12:30. The ballroom officer meeting was slightly productive today. It was more productive after the meeting, but oh well. It looks like I'll have a finalized schedule for next quarter by friday. That would be way cool, because then I could tell Bill Loper when we need Oddfellows.

Also today I went to a meeting in place of Stephanie. The "Interclub Council." It just so happens that the meeting was really very useful. It also just so happens that it was election night for officers. You're now reading the blog of the new Vice-Chairman of the Interclub Council. Yay me. Or not. Luckily the club only meets once a month.

Tonight we had a ton of guys show up to Madonna. In fact, we had Dan show up for the first time since like spring last school year. He also brought a long a few friends of his. One of which was very gung ho about helping the ballroom club and figuring out marketing campaigns. Way cool!!! We can always use help. I'm kind of iffy about it, but I think that I want to run for president for the next term. I also want to nominate Sandy as my VP. She's a great publicist, but she is too hands on to be limited by publicizing. I'm hoping that I'll be able to count on the new Sean guy (Dan's friend) as an officer for next term and put him in as publicist. My first impression of him is very business-like and professional, also seems like he is a man of action. Action is always good to have on an officer board. So we'll see how that goes.

After Madonna a bunch of us, including Chris and Jeff, went to Hudson's and we had a very motivating talk about changes that could/should occur in the club. I think that it is mostly these ideas that have made me want to run for president of the club. I want to see these things through, and know that I would really enjoy it. I think that my involvements with other clubs is going to be going down dramatically next school year. So taking on the (added?) responsibility of president will be something that I can handle. Well that's all for tonight.

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