Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Reconnaissance Mission

Sometime during winter break some people thought that it would be funny to go and steal a bunch of sandwhich boards from Dexter lawn. One of those sandwhich boards belonged to the Cal Poly Ballroom Dance club, and it just so happens that the people living next door to the culprits are brothers in the Iota Pi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, to which I belong. I was finally given information on Sunday about the whereabout of the aforementioned sandwhich board and tonight half the club went to retrieve it. We get to the place and a girl answers the door. I let her know that I'm from the CPBDC and she noticeably flinches when I say that. We then ask if she knows anything about it, with a huge hesitancy in her voice she says that she didn't live there. We are then informed that all the true residents of the household are sleeping. Even though all the lights are on and we have seen people moving. So tomorrow morning I'm going to be giving the CPPD a call and seeing where I stand on this situation. Especially since I have three eyewitnesses to vouch for the fact the sandwhich board was there. We'll see what happens.

After our reconnaissance mission we stopped by Mary's lab to visit her and then went to Sandy's for cookies. Mary ended up joining us about the time that the cookies were done and then Patti came over with her roomate and some other guy, that was quite drunk, though surprisingly funny. I feel good today. I think tomorrow is going to be a much more productive day. We'll see.

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