Tuesday, February 18, 2003

So much fun

Fencing was a blast tonight. I had so much fun. I think the tournament pushed me over to the 100% sold to fencing side. Tonight, Mary was our female instructor. She worked with me because I was the odd man out (I saw that it was probably going to work that way and was hoping I wouldn't get gypped). So she did exactly what it is I like to do when learning. We were working on drills and she would break the drill with a different move, then tell me what I should have done. Then she made her own things for me to work above what the drill was doing. Such as footwork, how I lunge, and how I extend. It was so helpful, that might have something to do with the fact that she thinks simliarly to the way I do. After the drills were over she whooped me 5-0 in like 30 seconds, but it was fun all the same. After that I fenced Nicole and got my butt whooped. It was interesting to see such a distinct style difference between the two top eppeists.(I dont' know if they are actually the top, but I know they're the top women so that's all that matter to me). After Nicole I fenced with Ward, got my butt whooped, and then got a Ward informational session. So much stuff to work on, I love it. Then to top the already awesome night off, I got to wrestle with Trevor. Trevor is a huge man, weighing about 80 pounds more than me. I didn't have to worry about hurting him so it was great fun. I held my own pretty well too, at least I like to think so and it ended on a mutual stop. So I was happy til I found out I lost my earring back, again. I hope I don't lose this earring, I dont' have anymore and would have to go buy another one.

Hmmm, mostly productive day today, went to Math and turned in the homework then spent an hour killing time on campus so that I could get paperwork signed. Filled out a whole bunch of paperwork, but I think that the CPBDC will get money. Agenda items all filled out. Sandy and I put up a bunch of fliers on campus for the Rhumba workshop. We need to soon get Waltz fliers up too. At least by Tues next week, preferrably sooner. Well I'm really tired, I think there was something else that I wanted to type about, but I can't remember. Maybe it's that Mary and I are talking a lot more and it doesn't hurt when I talk to her anymore. Yeah that was probably it, I can full heartedly accept the just friendship and it's a wonderful freedom. Good night all.

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