Sunday, February 16, 2003

Tournament in Review

Well I broke my streak. It's been two days now (because it's after midnight) that I haven't written in my blog. Am I back up to my old habits? We'll see...but as for the tournament...

IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! I enjoyed it so much. So the way it starts out is they put me in a pool of 5 other fencers and I got to fence each one of them. The first two bouts I had we had these really nice people that were really crappy at directing. So I was ready to cry after losing my second bout. It's really difficult to know something and have to swallow that whole to accept what someone else says. GRRRRRR! But then someone smiled on me and a new director was sent to us. Very professional, very good. My next 3 matches, even though I lost one, were complete bliss. My score for pools was 2-3 (is that right order? What I mean is I won 3 and lost 2). After pools comes direct elimination. That is just as it sounds, you lose once you're out. I won my first one 10 to 3. Easy bout. It was the next one that really irked me. Though I hadn't been dominating the match, I had been in control. The score got up to 9-7 me. The bout goes to 10. I scored a touch, the judges didn't see it that way. I couldn't get another one in. She won. GWAHHHHAHARR!!!!! (yell of agony). I talked to her after the match and she said that I had very definitely landed that touch. Grrr, again. But oh well. I ended up placing 10 out of 25, so not bad after 6 weeks. Especially since the people I had been fencing had all fencing for the last 5 months or so. Yay me. I also made some new friends. God bless road trips, which I must give a shout out that Chelsea's mom rocks. Same with Patrick's parents.

On to today, or yesterday as the case seems to be. Today was somewhat advernturous, but highly unproductive as far as academics are concerned. I woke up pretty late. I got up and ate some breakfast, took a shower, and sat down at my computer to do some work. Then I get an IM and to go over to Sandy's and I went over there and we all talked for awhile, then I decided we should go see Daredevil because I had a free ticket (it wasn't just for X-men 2). So we got a few other ballroom-underground people to go. We also went to dinner at Golden China Buffet. That was way good. Then we came back and I went home to another IM from Mary. She asked if I wanted to accompany her to get fish food and then maybe do some ice cream afterwards. I said sure. So she came and picked me up and it was good. We talked a whole lot and we go ice cream, which is a funny story. See she was asking me what kind I wanted, I told her something fruity and she said she had chocolate chip mint at home. I told her that worked and so she was looking at a strawberry ice cream saying it looked good and reached and grabbed the ice cream right next to it. I didn't see what that was until we got home. IT WAS ALMOND MOCHA FUDGE!!!! I was way excited, I hadn't had that in so long and I told her I wanted that instead of CCM. Oh it was so goooooood. Anyway, we watched Disney's Tarzan and talked a lot to each other and it was good. I really wish that things had worked out different between us because she is really so wonderful but I'm going to take her friendship. She was really awesome to me at the tournament because I was feeling so low and I got sick (I was cold, I only get cold if I'm sick) so I'm going to take all that she'll give. On the car ride back to my place she asks me these following questions:

If you could date any Disney character, who?
If you could be any Disney Hero, who?
If you could be any Disney Villian, who?
If you could be any Disney supporting character, who?

She's so great. Errrrrrrrrr. Anyway my answers in order were, Belle, Aladdin or Hercules, probably Hades, and I couldn't think of who, maybe timon. Give me your answers. After that, it was really odd. It was like she really didn't want me to go or to leave, but she wasn't making any moves to tell me that. There was one of those pauses where it was really a good exit, and so I said I should let her go sleep and I went back to Sandy's because I said I would watch Emperor's New Groove with them (yes that's 3 movies in one day). By the time I got there it was about 11:45. I don't think we actually started before midnight, but oh well. So I ended up being very comfortable during the movie. I had one girl on either arm and was all wrapped up in a blanket and had a pillow for my head. It was quite comfy. The movie was good too. I hadn't seen it all the way through before that.

After the movie I came back home to my internet being turned off due to my roomate becoming paranoid about security again. He turned on WEP and windows software is apparently really stupid when it comes to WEP so at 2:30 in the morning when I wanted to be typing in this instead of at 3:30 right now. I was trying to get my internet working again, with Sean's help. Anyway it is working now and all is good. I am now going to sleep because I have drumline at 10am. Good night.

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