Thursday, February 13, 2003

We're famous

Apparently on the crime round up section of the Mustang Daily (though they dont' have that section on the online version, grrrr), the theft of our sandwhich board was recorded. On a hopeful note, it was recorded that the board had been recovered, I however did not recieve a call from them, so I will give them a ring tomorrow to see if the rumor is true.

So I splurged today. I was sold by the tempting tactics of corporate bunch. I am a consumer whore. So here what I got. I bought 3 DVD's. Now in purchasing both "Bourne Identity" and "Blue Crush" I am now able to get 2 DVD's for only $2.96. Yay!!! The third DVD is X-Men 1.5 which comes with a free movie ticket for X-Men 2. Yay!!! Total spent now 60 dollars for 3 DVD's. Total cost after recieved benefits, 60 dollars for 5 DVD's and an 8 dollar movie. Still somewhat pricey, but a good deal if I've ever seen one.

Though I rarely get time to talk to anyone online, I do keep tabs on the people and I have noticed lately that there has been no Pam. It's quite disconcerting to look down and see no Pam. I dont' know why, but she is just always there and now she's not. Very disconcerting.

On another note, I got a message from Sammot today. I love Sammot. She is going to be with me for the rest of my life and me for hers. I can say a lot mroe on that, but I rather just tell her. So yeah, I got a message from her. Tomorrow is the Phoenix Pirates District Swim meet. Everyone keep good positve vibes flowing for the team. I'm a legacy and still a feel a strong attachment to the team. So everyone wish them luck!!!!

Today was another productive day. I spent probably an hour in the Epicenter getting paperwork and filling paperwork out and tomorrow I get to go and get paperwork signed by our sponsor. I have about 5 pages that I need her to sign. I've also called the the teachers for lessons next quarter, left a message with Bill Loper about Oddfellows, sent out the calendar for everyone's approval, helped to get a price approved for the dance on March 8th, and I washed my clothes with the exception of my socks a few white shirts. I did however wash my fencing jacket, I'm hoping and praying it gets dry before tomorrow.

Which is a perfect segue to my next topic. Tomorrow at about 5:30 I leave for the first fencing tournament that I will compete in. It's at UC Berkeley and has a section just for beginners or people with under a year of experience. I'm way excited. If I make it into the top 8 I get to fence electric. Woohoo!! I've never done that before. Though my hopes of getting that are very minimal because of the simple fact that most of the intermediate class, whom I will be fencing, can whoop on me pretty well. So we'll see how it goes. Adrenaline is a beautiful thing and has helped me out well in the past.

And looking at the time, a Happy S.A.D. to you all. That's Singles Awareness Day. The one time of year where everyone in the country makes it more and more acutely obvious to you that you are single. Luckily, I will be driving in a car talking computer talk with Patrick in the evening time and will keep myself busy in the day with the fencing fundraiser. My mom sent a heart of "Mon Cheri" chocolates for me to give to our Landlady.(She is so cool, she knows our apartment on sight, if not by name, and she has parrots, which today I learned are of the breed African Grey. Supposedly one of the smartest breeds out there. Anyway back to my story) So I have taken this heart and in fact in a couple of minutes will be placing a note on it saying Happy Valentine's day from Apartment 80, and then setting it out on her porch. That way I dont' feel awkward giving her a valentines gift and my mom's goal is still accomplished. Yay!!! Well that's all now. Good morning.
Posted by cthrax at February 14, 2003 12:50 AM

Hey there cutie! Sorry I haven't been 'online' (a.k.a. leaving my screen name signed on for you to leave messages to, though I never receive them and ALSO, sir, I never receive e-mails from such man who is disconcerted about how I am never online, pssh!) but my computer got stolen by Russian pirates and I got it back today, luckily unharmed but in need of a little repair.

Argh :)

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