Thursday, February 20, 2003

What a day

So I did finally finish that huge-o project this morning. About 6 this morning. then I woke up at 7:30 in time to print it off and decided that I could sleep five more minutes, which then turned into like 2 hours and I missed the class completely so I couldn't turn it in. That gave me enough time to come back grab paper, a pencil, and a calculator and go take a calc midterm. Why is it that no matter how many related rates problems I do I still don't get them? Gah!!!! Oh well I got the other questions perfect, I think I'll get a B at least. About 4 o'clock today, I'll be leaving for Modesto for a Kappa Kappa Psi California chapter's state days. That should be fun and even better is I dont' have to drive. I'm going to be riding with Stephanie, but I think that I'm going to pass out for the entire trip. I'm exhausted, and sick. Well that's all for now, you should check out the horses. They're tight.

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