Thursday, February 27, 2003

What a looooooong day

6am woke up
6:45 went to class
9:00 got out of class
9:30 went to office hour
10:00 went to Japanese Students' class
12:00 went to class
1:00 went to Dr. Rubba's office hour and waited 30 mins
1:30 met Dr. Asai for Japanese Students' field trip
2:00 went home for 20 mins
3:00 After eating a hurried Carl's lunch met Dr. Asai for field trip
5:00 finished field trip, killed time with students til farmer's market
7:30 left for home to get fencing gear and leave for fencing
8:00 got to fencing
11:00 left fencing exhausted came home and talked to Pam
12:00 or so, I plan to be sleeping

Fencing was fun as always tonight. I got a fencing sweatshirt and two more t-shirts. I'm apparently going to be approached about being an officer in the fencing club. I've also been approached about being president of both Ballroom dance club as you know and now of CP Mustang Band. On top of this I found out that there is most probably not going to be a quarter abroad program for next year to Japan. So I am going to look in to the year long study, which I think would be way cooler, maybe a little more work, but way cooler. I don't think that they will accept me though. I am not exactly the model student right now. Though I did talk with my professor today and I think that I will be able to pull of a good grade in her class. It means however that I have to get all the homework that I have missed done and turned into her by next tues. Then I will also be doing somekind of paper for her on top of taking/studying for the final. So we'll see how good of a grade. I know that I did really poorly on the midterm that I took, so we'll see. Hopefully it will be high enough to get me into Business finally. We'll see. Wish me luck! Now Adieu, adieu (I'm probably going to get yelled at by my roomate for spelling that wrong. Oh well, I can just change it again ;)

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