Sunday, February 23, 2003

What a weekend

So as I said, I left for Modesto this weekend. State days was a blast. I got there friday night around 11 or so and we were watching movies on a wall with a projector and really big speakers. That was way cool, then once the movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" was over they put on on "Galaxy Quest" (I love that movie) and we had games going on. During the night I managed to float from a chess game, Uno game, volleyball, and blackjack game before the movie got over. By that time they decided that the lights should go out. I was running (much as I am now) on adrenaline and constant activity. I wasn't able to sleep the entire ride over so I was running on that very little sleep til about 3AM when the lights went off and Gauk told us all a story. The next day, which started at 6:30, we played a lot of games outside. I had way too much energy so I was running around a lot and grappling with people and playing a lot of ultimate frisbee. That was way fun. Then we finally went to dinner at Hometown Buffet (Why is it that everytime I go out of town to where there are really cool restaraunts I got to the ones that we have in SLO?). After hometown we spent probably 30 mins deciding how people went home, and of course there was a big drama about it but that got resolved finally. Then after getting that decided we went to Paul's house to celebrate his birthday with his mom. His mom is awesome!!! She put me up for the night and then woke me up this morning with a cup of coffee. She's so nice.

Finally we made it back to SLO (Paul, Gary and I) about 1:30, which was 30 mins late to drumline rehearsal. I ran out of rehearsal right out 4 so that I could go see the "Vagina Monologues." They almost didn't let me in but I knew the guy (sorta, I saw him at the interclub council meeting and he knew me cuz I got elected) so he let me in to go sit with the BU. I really wasn't in any shape whatsoever to be seeing that show.
1. I was tired beyond belief
2. I'm very tender right now
3. I was tired beyond belief
But I saw it anyway, and I let it get to me. The message that I got from the show was that females should never need a man, that females can only be made happy by themselves, and that guys are shit. That was the overall message that I recieved and seeing how one of my primary goals in life is to feel like I'm needed by a female counterpart and that I want to make that counterpart the happiest person in the world, the message of the show really got to me. It took a good 30 mins for the pain in the pit of my stomache to go away and to not feel like I was going to just burst into tears. Luckily I was out with the awesome BU people and we went out to dinner. So that made it better, but unfortunately I was a real downer to them. Oh well, I explained why and I'm over it now. So it' s all good. Well I really shouldn't have been up writing this because I'm exhausted, but I wanted to not put it off.

Oh wait i forgot to mention.

After drumline I went to my car to plug in my phone that had died over the weekend and use the car battery to make a call and when I got out I left my keys in the ignition with the battery on and locke the door. So they were in there until David drove me back with the spare at about 7. Also tonight my big bro gave me my nickname M.I.L.F.
Mackerfella (apparently I mack? yeah right)
Ignoramous (Corey's doing, it's supposed to be mispelled)
Long (hehe, Myles Long)
Few of my(myles's) jokes are funny (FOMJAF!!!)

Ok that is it. I'm outta here.

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