Wednesday, March 26, 2003

San Francisco Rocks

Word of warning, this is going to be a looooong entry.

Ok so the screensavers was absolutely awesome. Sean and I didn't get to do the intro to the show, which was disappointing, but we know why. There was this little like 8 year old, who had been taking acting schools and could memorize the lines and everything really well so they picked him to do it by himself. That's why we decided to go see another showing. Especially since there was almost no one at this showing. Meghan was out on leave, Martin was down at Daytona Beach for spring break, and Leo was out with his mom or something like that. We did get to sit down and talk with Pat though. He was really cool. He gave a signed picture of himself and Martin, and sean and I won a bouncy ball and a CD respectively. The guest coordinator guy, Angelo, ended up kicking us out before we had finished talking with Pat, but oh well. So then Sean drove us down to Charm's house and we go there and had a wonderful dinner.

Now for the San Francisco day...

So Sandy and I talked to Charm the night before we were going to go to San Francisco and Charm told us that she hated the city and really didn't feel like going, so we told her that we would go and have fun that and she stay and do the same. So we woke up at 7:20 in the morning, had Charm drive us out to the CalTran train station. It only took us an hour by train to get all the way up into the City. We had sat down the night before with a map to figure out what it was we wanted to do when we got there and on the list was Chinatown. That was close so that's where we started at. What a mistake that turned out to be. It started off kind of creepy, because there was this guy that followed us into the store and he was really talking legibly at all about anything, but we think he was asking for money. The store owner chased him out and we waited around to let him go so that we could go down the street that he was on. He finally looked like he had left so we went out and on up to another store. We were standing outside the store looking at some stuff but then I saw out of the corner of my eye the man coming towards us. I said casually to Sandy, "Let's go inside," but she didn't catch on. Luckily, he got way laid with something for a bit and didn't come right over. I went back and got Sandy, but that time he had come over and was following us into the store. Once again, the store owner came to our rescue, but this time the guy got ticked and started yelling and pushing her and the owner from across the street came and helped, but the man was still yelling. So the police were called and Sandy I looked around in the store fairly thoroughly. Now for the real reason that going to China town was such a mistake. The stores were so awesome! They had all kinds of swords and knives, this silk outfits that were just gorgeous, and display stuff up the wazoo. We spent about 2 and half hours just going through this types of stores. It was so much fun.

After shopping we decided it was lunch time so we went to a place there in China town. The place was called Chan's and we had orange chicken and shredded chicken, with pan fried noodles. I didn't know what pan fried noodles were when i got them but they sounded good. And the noodles were, the chicken was really bad and so was the vegetable that was in there, but oh well. After that we went and walked over to the bus intent on getting to Ghiradelli square. Sandy I loved the skyline!! Oh my gosh! When we first go there I was just staring up at the buildings. I still can't get over it, I know maybe someday I would get tired of looking at the buildings, but it would take awhile. I loved all those big buildings and they were so gorgeous! Anyway, we made it to the bus, which we bought a day pass for that allowed us access to everything that involved public transportation there, the trolley, the bus, and the cable cars. That was cool.

So now we went to Ghiradelli square and the first thing that we see is an amazing view of the Bay with a huge three masted sailing ship sticking up and creating a most spectacular view. That's when we decided we should get some batteries for Sandy's camera. Upon putting new batteries in, it decided not to work. So no pictures for the trip but oh well. We have memories (that's why this entry is so detailed). So we went into the chocolate shop on a mission for Mary's chocolate covered caramels that are so good. We found something that looked close, but it didn't really look like them. So I called Mary (who was in REI, great store as well) and asked her what the name was for sure, and they didn't quite match, but they were the only thing that were even close in the whole of the stores so I got some anyway. I'll give Mary hers and we'll see if that's the right stuff. I also got myself some more chocolate chips for cookies that are, oh-so-good. When I got up to the counter to pay they had, in a wonderful display case, some of the most beautiful looking chocolate covered strawberries that I've ever seen. I just had to get one. I about died with just one bite, oh my gosh. There have only been a very few things that ranked up as high as this strawberry. It was a small taste of heaven. Anyway, after that, I had been reccomended by a trustworthy source to try some of the ice cream. So Sandy and I split a hot fudge sunday. The fudge was expectedly amazing.

We finally made it out of Ghiradelli square. We took the bus over to this thing called the Palace of Fine Arts and Explorartorium, which is the money making front for this breathtaking re-creation of greek architecture that is a tribute to Man's artistry and skill. Built shortly after the commpletion of the Panama Canal as a tribute to both the canal's completetion and the rebuidling of San Francisco itself. The building had a short life of 30 years or during which time it had changed hands between the city and the army becase of WWII. Eventually the building was completely excavated and rebuilt, this time to last a lot longer. I was just awe struck by this structure and now have an even stronger desire to go and spend a month or more in Europe. This trip has proven to me how much more I need to travel, just for the sake of traveling. After gawking at the building for a goodly amount of time we went inside the exploratorium, which is your typical hands-on learning museum. It was a lot of fun, we didn't get all the way through the thing before it closed and we spent a good 2 hours in there. After it closed we went and gawked some more at the building and went to the lakeside. We saw some ducks and Sandy started trying to communicated, I shortly joined in and we stood there for probably 20 mins making different noises across the water. We managed to call the Seagulls, ducks, loons and a swan over to our part of the lake. The swan even came out of the water to meet us. We backed up so that it didn't steal our chocolate, but we thanked it for its gesture. After that we walked back to the bus singing on the street and then continued singing on the bus. We entertained some little kids with our singing for awhile, then we busted into Weird Al. Good times. ;)

The bus dropped us off back over by Ghiradelli square, I was tempted to go back in and get some more chocolate, but then I didn't. We walked over to where the cable car starts. We road it to the end, which was over in Union Square. After getting off there, we found a Jazz steak house advertising "Live Music Every night!" We couldn't resist, but that place was too expensive so we went to the one across the street. A very nice band, the service sucked and some of the food was really, really good (like the cheese tortillini I got and the pasta penne that Sandy got) but the othe food wasn't so good (namely the bread, and the spinach, artichoke, ricotta cheese ravioli I got, it sounded good...). We thoroughly enjoyed the music though. Then we took the trolley back to the other end with intent on going to fisherman's wharf, because I thought it was alive at night. Well it was dead. So we got back on a bus and were going to go home, but when we got to the train station realized that we had missed the train by like 10 mins and would have to wait 2 hours for the next one. But we made it home and passed out on the couch shortly thereafter. Yay for an absolutely awesome day!!! I want more days like this. Well that's all for now. Byee.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

I'm a bad boy scout

But it was so much fun!!! I went and hiked Bishop's peak today. It was much of a challenge and I was getting antsy, but I stayed on the trail all the way up to where the rock climbers are. After that though I saw a hillside that was just too tempting. I went off the trail. I'm a bad boy scout. Oh well! So I made my way to the peak the way it was meant to be done. Guessing your way around and bouldering from rock to rock. It took me a little longer to get to the top then it would have, but overall it still only took me an hour. I then spent about 30 mins at the top bouldering. I love bouldering!! The views were really pretty nice too, I've seen better, but it was still very nice. Especially with the extent of the views I've had recently.

After bouldering for awhile I saw a girl running down the path. I think to myself, "Boy that looks like fun!" I spent the next 20 mins running back down the path. I was almost disappointed to get to my car. I think however that my thighs are going to be telling me about their disappointment tomorrow. Overall the trip just brushed my reckless itch and has made it itch even more. I'm going to have fun this break, but it's kind of sad that I have already filled it up, because if not I could go exploring in yosemite. That would be cool. Oh well, I have tues and thurs off next quarter (besides fencing and aikido). I think I could take 2 hours every so often and go hike bishop's. That would be a nice place to do homework... See ya later!

First day of freedom!!

My first day of freedom was not spent at all like I had anticipated. It started off great, friday night I went over to Lisa's house for a litte gathering, after of course watching the most unfulfilling season finale to SG-1. Upon returning went over to Sandy and Charm's house to watch "The Emperor's New Groove" again. Whilst I was leaving I came up with what seemed like a good idea. So that idea is why I woke up at 9:30am after being up til 3am the night before. We went out to breakfast at IHOP and it was most excellent. Always good fun to hang out with them.

My plans for the day from there were going to be to go on "Walkabout." Unfortunately that did not happen, I did however learn some of the intricacies of recompiling my Linux kernel. I then watched some TV (Waterworld, shortly followed by the highly dissappointing and complete utter waste of time, Riverworld) and now feel very restless. I think tomorrow will be a either a walkabout day or a go see parts of the town I haven't seen. I'm so antsy! This is why I always do so much. I've only had one day of freedom and look what I'm doing with myself. I know there's a bazillion things that I need/want to do.

It's amazing to me how many people have left already. There are so many people that are so anxious to get back home. I still have a slight longing for that desire. To have my home be a place that I want to be in. I don't know that it will ever happen. At least not the place that is still home in my mind. I have my dreams of a happy home in the future though. So many dreams... The other part of having time on my hands is that I'm also left alone with my thoughts. I wonder how much control my mind actually has on me. I do things sometimes that I still wonder why I did them. How do I make my internal resolutions, a reality? So far, I've sucked it up at every turn. I always turn out alright granted, but it would be nice to have that self-control and self-inspired determination.

I once was told by someone that I "have everything together." When that was mentioned to me I was taken aback, I don't feel like I have anything together. Especially when I see so many people around me that do have it together, my roomate, Mary, Sandy, Pam, the list goes on. There's something holding me back. Some ominous presence that I have to climb over anytime I try and change this downfall of mine. For short periods of time (a few weeks) I can muster the energy everytime to struggle over, but then I just lose all my energy and don't have the gumption to do it anymore. I guess that is one of the struggles I must overcome or figure out how to make work for me. Good night all.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Almost two in one day

So today, after the final, turned out to be a really good day. After lazing about for awhile (I deserved it!!), I went and played racquetball with Patrick. Most exhilirating. I was more than ready to keep going after we had been at it for an hour or so, but he was going to eat dinner with Chelsea, so I thought that took precedence, but she owes me!!! After that I got back and talked online for awhile, and saw the update that we have gone to war. I had a really good discussion with Kim about the wartime situation. After that I went to Madonna Inn and danced the night away. I'll tell you though, I've been dancing for over a year now and tonight was the most uncoordinated and klutzy night I have ever had. It all started when I was dancing Waltz with Mary, and I was trying something that had worked in the past, but then I messed up and I didn't have my toe raised so I kicked her toe. And it really hurt her, she needed ice and everything. She of course made me feel horrible about it (which was happening without her help, but that's ok, it was expected from the foul-up I made), but it was mostly in jest. So the last dance comes up and it's a Waltz (Mary has since recovered by this time) and I'm looking at Mary, who has the "do you wanna dance" look (this is of course after she has turned me away for someone else 4 seperate times) and I'm saying "no, no, no" and she says "wanna dance?" "ok." We go through the whole dance, it looks pretty decent, I got some moves in there. It was working out gorgeously and my toes pointed like I was marching! We get to the end of the song and we are standing side by side with a nice looking finish, so I didn't think that my customary dip was going to be in good form. Next thing I know Mary is rolling in for the dip and I just barely missed getting into position in time, but I didn't. I fall over the top of her and she goes to the floor, cracking up with laughter, tears showing in her eyes because it was so funny. It was very humerous. Mary forgave me for the last dip though, because it was so incredibly funny, but I was feeling very incompetent at this point. In between my Waltzes with Mary I had managed to step on several people (not while dancing though), tripped over some people, and managed to steal someone's seat by accident. Overall it was a whole lot of fun and I really, really had a blast, but I can't believe how utterly incompetent I was. Oh well. That's all for now, it took me way to long to write all this because I started talking to my roomate and now I'm tired. So I think that I'm going to go to bed. Good night.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Dune Rules

So tonight the BU had a "Dune" party. We watched "Dune 2000" (yes all 4.5 hours), then followed that by the first installment of Sci-fi's "Children of Dune." Great fun! It turned out like last night where we all just kind of hung out afterwards talking and such. That's what I really love doing, it's so much fun. It seems unfortunate to me that there always has to be another reason for people together and hang out like that. Oh well, I guess I'm just the only one that thinks that way. I have a final on Tues morning so I'm going to be studying most of tomorrow, at least until the second part of "Children of Dune" airs at 9 pm.

Oh, oh. For the party I made cookies. They were so good! Unfortunately they weren't good enough to impress the selective eaters. Oh well, I guess you can't please everybody (I really wanted too though...). I think that's all I have for now. I have other thoughts, but they aren't forming intelligibly so I'll wait to write those down some other time.

Friday, March 07, 2003

Band Dance

Tonight was so much fun!!! I love band dances. Wait, back up a little bit. I turned in the project. Yay!!!! Ok, now back to the dance. So I went with Claire and we went to the Thai Palace. (We were going to go to this new Italian place called "Novo," but they had like a 45 min wait and since they're new I couldn't find a phone number anywhere to make reservations). We then got to the dance, a little too early. We were only 15 mins late so there was hardly anyone there yet, but that's alright we hung out and talked with people and then started the dancing. So that was cool. Oh anothe funny thing. The theme of the dance was "Gimme Some Lovin." In honor of that theme a large majority of the balloons were blown up condoms, made for a rather unpleasant texture on your hands when you popped one...don't pop one. Let's see, I think that's all I wanted to say. Claire was an awesome accompaniment, she looked gorgeous and she was able to dance with me to ballroom dance type songs. So it was a lot of fun. That made it even more fun than last year, because last year I took someone that I really didn't want to go with but was doing several other guys, whom she wanted to go with and they didn't want to go with, a favor. Reminder to self, I need to get a new pair of cheap dress shoes. My feet are killing me from dancing in the same ones I have had since 6th grade. (sad isn't it?) Well I think that's all for tonight. I'll let you knwo about the Ballroom dance tomorrow.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Almost there...

Well tomorrow is friday. I worked on my project for a good little chunk today. Now hopefully I can finish it and get it turned in by four tomorrow. I think I can do it, but I'm going to be getting up around 9 just in case. That gives me 7 hours or so of work time.

Fencing downright sucked tonight. They were having a tournament so that the people that didn't go to one were able to compete and so I had to sit there the entire time judging. I didn't get to fence at all. I didn't know it was going to be like that. I only stayed cuz they needed me to judge. I much rather have actually gone to one of the ballroom lessons. I haven't had a ballroom lesson in forever and it's showing. I'm getting to the point of being boring to dance with at Madonna cuz I repeat the same things all the time. Ugh.

On another note, I have a working version of Red Hat 8.0. It's working fairly well thus far. I have NTFS read support, but I can't get my wireless to work. So we'll see, when I have time I can work on that.

I'm feeling like being creative tonight. I wouldn't reccomend reading it though. It's rather uninteresting.

The Shattered Glass

To hold sand is an impossible thing, but to watch how elegantly and fluidly the grains fall between your fingers is something to marvel at. When you first pick it up you see a small mound that slowly has crevices form in it, uniform rifts in the once flawless mountain. Yet they add another degree of beauty, until the rift becomes too great and a side of the landscape slides chaotically down. Even through the chaos the uniformity can be seen, until at last a flat surface rests in your hands. No more drifting away, but settling into serenity.

I am the sand, but who is holding me? My lofty desires are that of the small mound that is being eaten away. Sometimes purposefully, with grace and ease, and sometimes a choatic uproar shaking and changing my very foundation. Someday the flat surface will come, I will no longer have the unattainable aspirations and dreams that cause the slides. Content at where I am the hand will drop me. Nothing more than pieces, the makings of shattered glass.

Monday, March 03, 2003

I did it!!!

One major road block to living til this friday has been accomplished. I completely the homework assignments that are due tomorrow morning...errrr...this morning at 7. All done and accounted for, yay. Let's see this past weekend, the only thing exciting was the fencing tournament, the rest of the time was spent either at boring meetings or working on this homework. So the fencing tournament, I really sucked it up in the pools. I didn't wake up early enough before the tournament to have breakfast and I didn't go to bed early so I had some coffee. BIG MISTAKE. Caffiene is not a substance that is conducive to fencing. I couldn't concentrate long enough on the bout to do well and ended up being seated 11th of 16. After the pools were over I ran around the building like 7-9 times and did various other exercises to make me tired. Then, before my bout I met my opponent. A girl by the name of Sara who has fenced for the last 3 years. She obviously knew a lot more than I did, but when I fenced her in the DE I did extremely well. My mind was clear and things were happening the way I wanted to. I came back from a 13-9 deficit to a 14-14 match and just barely lost the last point by not using Parry 9 enough.

On other news, I've been working with the Japanese students a lot. My schedule has been very similar to the one I posted in my journal entry "What a looooooong day." The only difference being that there is like 6 hours of homework stuffed in there too. On friday I have to turn in my huge project for financial accounting. The professor seems to think that I'll be able to get a good grade still. She said that she'll just weight the final heavier. Yay! Well that is it, I'm going to be waking up in 3 hours and I'm spent. At least tomorrow I can come after class and crash. And believe me I'm going to. Oh, I forgot to mention, I got free Tahoe Joe's today because I was with the Japanese Students. Yay me!!