Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Almost two in one day

So today, after the final, turned out to be a really good day. After lazing about for awhile (I deserved it!!), I went and played racquetball with Patrick. Most exhilirating. I was more than ready to keep going after we had been at it for an hour or so, but he was going to eat dinner with Chelsea, so I thought that took precedence, but she owes me!!! After that I got back and talked online for awhile, and saw the update that we have gone to war. I had a really good discussion with Kim about the wartime situation. After that I went to Madonna Inn and danced the night away. I'll tell you though, I've been dancing for over a year now and tonight was the most uncoordinated and klutzy night I have ever had. It all started when I was dancing Waltz with Mary, and I was trying something that had worked in the past, but then I messed up and I didn't have my toe raised so I kicked her toe. And it really hurt her, she needed ice and everything. She of course made me feel horrible about it (which was happening without her help, but that's ok, it was expected from the foul-up I made), but it was mostly in jest. So the last dance comes up and it's a Waltz (Mary has since recovered by this time) and I'm looking at Mary, who has the "do you wanna dance" look (this is of course after she has turned me away for someone else 4 seperate times) and I'm saying "no, no, no" and she says "wanna dance?" "ok." We go through the whole dance, it looks pretty decent, I got some moves in there. It was working out gorgeously and my toes pointed like I was marching! We get to the end of the song and we are standing side by side with a nice looking finish, so I didn't think that my customary dip was going to be in good form. Next thing I know Mary is rolling in for the dip and I just barely missed getting into position in time, but I didn't. I fall over the top of her and she goes to the floor, cracking up with laughter, tears showing in her eyes because it was so funny. It was very humerous. Mary forgave me for the last dip though, because it was so incredibly funny, but I was feeling very incompetent at this point. In between my Waltzes with Mary I had managed to step on several people (not while dancing though), tripped over some people, and managed to steal someone's seat by accident. Overall it was a whole lot of fun and I really, really had a blast, but I can't believe how utterly incompetent I was. Oh well. That's all for now, it took me way to long to write all this because I started talking to my roomate and now I'm tired. So I think that I'm going to go to bed. Good night.

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