Friday, March 07, 2003

Band Dance

Tonight was so much fun!!! I love band dances. Wait, back up a little bit. I turned in the project. Yay!!!! Ok, now back to the dance. So I went with Claire and we went to the Thai Palace. (We were going to go to this new Italian place called "Novo," but they had like a 45 min wait and since they're new I couldn't find a phone number anywhere to make reservations). We then got to the dance, a little too early. We were only 15 mins late so there was hardly anyone there yet, but that's alright we hung out and talked with people and then started the dancing. So that was cool. Oh anothe funny thing. The theme of the dance was "Gimme Some Lovin." In honor of that theme a large majority of the balloons were blown up condoms, made for a rather unpleasant texture on your hands when you popped one...don't pop one. Let's see, I think that's all I wanted to say. Claire was an awesome accompaniment, she looked gorgeous and she was able to dance with me to ballroom dance type songs. So it was a lot of fun. That made it even more fun than last year, because last year I took someone that I really didn't want to go with but was doing several other guys, whom she wanted to go with and they didn't want to go with, a favor. Reminder to self, I need to get a new pair of cheap dress shoes. My feet are killing me from dancing in the same ones I have had since 6th grade. (sad isn't it?) Well I think that's all for tonight. I'll let you knwo about the Ballroom dance tomorrow.

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