Saturday, March 22, 2003

I'm a bad boy scout

But it was so much fun!!! I went and hiked Bishop's peak today. It was much of a challenge and I was getting antsy, but I stayed on the trail all the way up to where the rock climbers are. After that though I saw a hillside that was just too tempting. I went off the trail. I'm a bad boy scout. Oh well! So I made my way to the peak the way it was meant to be done. Guessing your way around and bouldering from rock to rock. It took me a little longer to get to the top then it would have, but overall it still only took me an hour. I then spent about 30 mins at the top bouldering. I love bouldering!! The views were really pretty nice too, I've seen better, but it was still very nice. Especially with the extent of the views I've had recently.

After bouldering for awhile I saw a girl running down the path. I think to myself, "Boy that looks like fun!" I spent the next 20 mins running back down the path. I was almost disappointed to get to my car. I think however that my thighs are going to be telling me about their disappointment tomorrow. Overall the trip just brushed my reckless itch and has made it itch even more. I'm going to have fun this break, but it's kind of sad that I have already filled it up, because if not I could go exploring in yosemite. That would be cool. Oh well, I have tues and thurs off next quarter (besides fencing and aikido). I think I could take 2 hours every so often and go hike bishop's. That would be a nice place to do homework... See ya later!

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