Monday, March 03, 2003

I did it!!!

One major road block to living til this friday has been accomplished. I completely the homework assignments that are due tomorrow morning...errrr...this morning at 7. All done and accounted for, yay. Let's see this past weekend, the only thing exciting was the fencing tournament, the rest of the time was spent either at boring meetings or working on this homework. So the fencing tournament, I really sucked it up in the pools. I didn't wake up early enough before the tournament to have breakfast and I didn't go to bed early so I had some coffee. BIG MISTAKE. Caffiene is not a substance that is conducive to fencing. I couldn't concentrate long enough on the bout to do well and ended up being seated 11th of 16. After the pools were over I ran around the building like 7-9 times and did various other exercises to make me tired. Then, before my bout I met my opponent. A girl by the name of Sara who has fenced for the last 3 years. She obviously knew a lot more than I did, but when I fenced her in the DE I did extremely well. My mind was clear and things were happening the way I wanted to. I came back from a 13-9 deficit to a 14-14 match and just barely lost the last point by not using Parry 9 enough.

On other news, I've been working with the Japanese students a lot. My schedule has been very similar to the one I posted in my journal entry "What a looooooong day." The only difference being that there is like 6 hours of homework stuffed in there too. On friday I have to turn in my huge project for financial accounting. The professor seems to think that I'll be able to get a good grade still. She said that she'll just weight the final heavier. Yay! Well that is it, I'm going to be waking up in 3 hours and I'm spent. At least tomorrow I can come after class and crash. And believe me I'm going to. Oh, I forgot to mention, I got free Tahoe Joe's today because I was with the Japanese Students. Yay me!!

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