Saturday, April 05, 2003

I'm sick...

...but before I get to that I'll talk about the Mexican Cruise I went on. It was great to see my grandparents and everything and the ship had some cool shows and the like, but it number wasn't my scene at all and number two I didn't have anyone I knew my age there. I tried to meet people, I did, but the only venues they had for meeting people was out at the pool, where everyone was already in a large group and I was invader to that, or at the "club" that they had, which was bump and grind type dancing that I'm most certainly not comfortable with. So the majority of the cruise I spent being lonely because I'm too shy when I'm in an uncomfortable situation. I'm still glad that I went though, because it was good to see my grandparents, and I know what to expect from a cruise now. If I go on a cruise again, I will most certainly bring someone else with me. That will make things so much better.

Alright, the quarter has started now. Fencing has started.(Yay!!!) I sorta have classes. I got into my Macro class and I got the Business Law class. I also got the really basic computing class, but I'm going to be talking with the professor about challenging that class. I don't think that I'm going to be geting the philosophy class, which really sucks because the prof is absolutely awesome. He is easily the best lecturer that I've had in my entire life. He has so much energy, not to mention he's talking about something that I find interesting already. I really hope I get him but my odds are 2 out 15 that'll I'll get in. Hopefully I know by tomorrow or even as early as today, but we'll see. What this means though is that I need to find some other classes to take. Or at least one more, cuz with challenging one and not getting into one that drops me down to 8 units that taking (though technically I would be taking 11 when I passed the computer challenge test), but I want more than that for this quarter. I've dropped out of a lot of my clubs and will have time on my hands to do homework and I could use the GPA boost that actually working on my classes will give me.

Now to the part of me being sick. I am sick as a dog. I woke up thursday morning feeling really, really crappy. I did alright that day, I slept in, then I slept for another 5 hours, then I went to fencing and I felt absolutely awesome after fencing, but then friday rolled around. I have my four hour Macro class on friday, which I had to go to because I wasn't enrolled. So I went and then afterwards I played racquetball, then I went and put fliers out with Sandy, then I went to dinner, then I went dancing, then I went home finally. Let me tell you I felt so crappy by the time I finally got home. I had expended every bit of energy that I had on maintaining and almost pleasant exterior. I can hardly remember the car ride from Madonna to home (luckily Sandy was driving). I was soooo dead. I got 12 hours of sleep last night and I picked up some new medicine and I'm feeling much better now, but man oh man am I sick. When it gets to te poin that I can't push myself any farther that really bad. Well that's all I have now. I know it's rather short for how long it's been since I've posted but I'll try and post more often. See ya.

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