Wednesday, May 28, 2003

t's a Beautiful Day

So I've been meaning to write this blog entry for awhile now. I have wonderful news. You remember that girl Jenn that I talked about? Well, as of Thursday May 22nd we are dating. I managed not to jinx it . Things have been absolutely wonderful. We meet for lunch and see each other at fencing and she is now incorporated into Ballroom and they all love her. Things are definintely looking great. Not only that she's a lot of fun to hang out with because she plays my games and enjoys my bad jokes. (well most of the time, some of them are really bad...)

On other news there is soooo much going on right now. Ballroom has a dance this Saturday and Fencing has a tournament. Sunday is our last lesson of the school year. I have a job interview on Monday to see if I get to work for ASI or not. On a concerning note, I have also been accepted at the position hear at Murray Station. I have to do one of three things now. I can take the Murray station job and not get the ASI job, take the Murray Station job and take the ASI job, or I can not take the Murray Station job and hope I get the ASI job. It's a tough choice. I'm going to talk to Stephanie tomorrow and see what she thinks about the possibility of my having the two jobs. I don't know how well that work, one thing for sure though is that my fall quarter will be 10 times worse than what I wanted it to be. Even if I didn't do band, which I probably won't be able to do because of work. That is such a tough choice. If I don't do band, I don't do KKPsi. I also will miss a whole lot of people. I've been missing them these last two quarters, especially this quarter, but it would be really bad if I didn't do band. So many decisions.

Speaking of decisions...

It's official that I am the president of Ballroom next year and I have sooo many ideas. I spent an hour and half today in the Epicenter reserving Chumash for various dates that were open next year. I dont' know if any of them will work, but we can always relinquish the reservation, but we can't reserve if someone else is. I also picked up the forms for adding our co-advisor Jack Girolo to the club role sheet. I've also been invited to Matt and Jennie's wedding. I have an invitation in the mail. That's really exciting, because everyone I knew had an invitation but me and they were all going. Jennie did realize this though and she sent me an invitation now that we've been hanging out more (they didn't really know me when they sent out invitations, which makes perfect sense not to send me one). At any rate I feel really special now. So I'm excited. Well there's plenty more to write about but I have had requests to keep it short. Hopefully more frequent posts will make that easier...

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