Tuesday, June 03, 2003

6 six days left

That's all I have til I enter the world of "after 10 o'clock" establishments in SLO. Yay for my birthday! Tomorrow will be 2 weeks with Jenn and let me tell you, the more time I spend with this girl the better things are. It's all about the little things. We spend so much time talking. It's absolute bliss. Speaking of bliss, she passed her Red Band practical tonight at fencing. Mad props to her. I'm scared about taking my next fall, because it is based so much on reaction to things and my reaction time is very slow. Jenn tells me I'm going to pass no problem, but you know me always a skeptic.

So on Monday was my interview with ASI. I think that it went really well and they seemed to have a really flexible schedule, which will be good for going and visiting Jenn during the summer. Oh I didn't tell you, I had come up with a solution for my job dilema. I went ahead and told Murray Station that I was wanted to wait for this ASI job before I committed to their job. They told me that they couldn't wait so I in effect turned them down. This morning I get a call from them telling me that their third choice also turned them down and that they are willing to offer me 9 dollars an hour plus 100 dollars off rent per month while I'm working. That offer was too enticing to refuse, so this morning I went in and filled out the appropiate paperwork and will be starting on June 15. Cool.

This weekend, actually on friday, I will be leaving to drive home for the first time since Christmas. My little Sammot is graduating this Saturday. It still amazes me how uncontrollably fast this past year went. It doesn't seem like it's been six months since I've been home, but it's been more than that and it doesn't seem like I'm going to make it home much this summer either, having two jobs and all. Home/home just isn't a weekend drive away except for special occasions.

So in honor of my 21st birthday, my grandparents are going to be taking me to Las Vegas. I'll be leaving Thursday night to drive down to LA and then we'll all leave Friday to drive to Las Vegas. Las Vegas has always seemed so far away to me. Apparently it's less than five hours from my grandparents to Vegas. That's not bad at all. Well that's all for now, I'll let you know how graduation went, but this week I get to study for the 2 finals I have on Monday and the one I have on my birthday.

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