Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I'm 21

So I have the best friends ever. I had my 21st birthday last night. I remember just about all of it. Here is a list of what I drank last night.

2 glasses of Amaretto sour
1 glass of raspberry vodka with Kiwi Raspberry juice
1 can of margarita
2 glasses of bubbly
half a small bottle of good wine
1 glass of arbor mist strawberry white zinfandel
most of a 40 of the cheapest malt liquor you can find
1 smirnoff ice
1 pear cider or something like that, I didn't much look at the bottle

That's all I remember drinking and I think that's everything. After all that I was hungry so we walked to taco bell. That was good, I like Taco Bell. Anyway I only remember walking halfway back. Getting all the way home and into bed is a complete mystery to me. So far I haven't asked anyone what happened because they're not up yet, which reminds me. I want to thank everyone that came last night....

Jenn, Mary, Sandy, Charm, Lyle, Eric, Joe, Sean, Steve, Fred, Goat, Nicole, Chris, Chris, Steve, Travis, Shane, Nick, Patti, Kenny, Jonathan, Brion, Nicole, Randy, Ryan(sp?), Lisa, Brian, Davidyo, and Sam.

I think that was everyone that showed up. If I missed anybody I apologize. I also apologize to everyone that didn't hear about my party in time. I really didn't decide til about 2 yesterday that I was going to do something and it was hard to contact everyone when I was juggling a final and studying and getting things ready for the party.

Anyway I had a blast night. The best birthday that I can remember in years. Well mostly remember. That's all for now.

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