Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Finally back at today

So I have finally caught up on everything. This weekend I am going to be going to visit my roomate in Fremont. That ought to be fun. In two weeks is the Manhattan Beach trip at Chelsea's grandparents house, which I'm very pleased to announce Kim is going to be able to accompany me to. Speaking of Kim things are going really well there. She is a lot of fun. It's most definitely a wonerful thing going on here. I've got to visit with her a family a little bit too, and I like them a lot too. So that's really good.

Work is going well too. I'm really enjoying it and I'm getting the hang of things quite nicely. I can answer questions with less and less help from Stephanie. Speaking of Stephanie, she is due in a little over a month now. It's probably not going to be too much longer til I spend all my time with just me in here. I've really enjoyed getting to know Stephanie though. It's fun because before she was always nice and everything but it was just kind of one those acquaintance kind of nice. Now her and brian seem more like friends. That's really cool. So yeah, I've just spent my entire day at work doing this update. You should all feel priviledged.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Part 2: Arrrr, avast ye scurvy scum...

So that I'm done talking about the costume man. Saturday was way cool. I ended up going as a monk, sort of. I had a brown poncho type thing with the sides sewn up and a black and gray bathrobe tie. It didn't look great, but it didn't look too terribly awful either. There were so many cool costumes there. I want to piece myself a buccaneer costume together. I have a good start already. I bought myself a rapier! It's so cool and it was only 28 dollars. I was way stoked. I've got a sword, I've got a sword. Ok I'm done now, but I'm way happy with it. At a later date I'll take a picture of it and show it off. Probably around the time that I finish the "about me" page. We ran into the costume man while we were there. He hugged me again, ugh. He also got to know my friend Brian Grist who did end up walking around with him the next day, but that is a story for him to tell.

We also had funnel cake and watched a jousting event. It was a very fun day. Then after that Kim, Dan Aidan, and Myself accompanied Mary back to her house where we went swimming, Mary made us dinner, and we watched Kate and Leopold. I thoroughly enjoyed that movie. Even if Dan's and my ice cream was eaten by the girls and we had to go to my place so that we could get the ice cream that I really was craving before we even went swimming. Ah well, what can you do? A very nice ending to a wonderful day.

Oh also on the note of the ren fair, I think that I'm going to be helping out giving demonstrations at another huge ren fair up north. That should be a lot of fun, I might even get paid to do that. We'll see, we definitely get free passes to the fair and free food as well as discounts at vendors. So that should be a really sweet deal. Yay.

Part 1: "The Costume Man"

So Saturday. We went to a renaissance fair. Very cool, which totally takes me back two days to start the story. So Kim had been invited to go to the ren fair with Nicole and Mary, though I didn't know that, and so I was wanting to go and I did get invited to go too, because I didn't know that Kim had already been invited I invted her too and decided that we needed to go to Second Time Around (a wonderful second hand store that was having a closing sale) to pick out costumes. So thursday we went to the store and we were trying to find costumes.

Then "the costume man" introduced himself. "Sir James" he said he was. Asked me if we were going to the ren fair and if we were looking for costumes. I said yes of course because that's what we were doing and so then he said that he was looking for someone to be his bodyguard at the fair and he would be able to provide a costume. He wouldn't give me his phone number but he told me to go over to his and try the costume on. Ok that was weird but he wasn't inviting the girls so everything was still kind of alright. So I agreed and I went to his house and tried on the costume. He was very strange he stood there and told me that I needed to take off my clothes so that I could get into the outfit that he had. So warily I took off my socks and shoes and slipped the shirt he offered (which really needed to be cleaned) on. Then he got me all dressed up in the costume, which was a full Scottish guard outfit. Very cool, but he was weird. He kept talking about lotion and how he gave massages and everything. Oh yeah, and he wanted me to go commando under the kilt of course, which is where the lotion came in, to keep from chaffing. I was extremely uncomfortable but only to the point of weirdness.

After trying the costume on I got his phone number and decided that I was going to leave. As I was leaving he gave me a hug! Ugh. It was very, very not comfortable. I didn't feel right at all, but I made it out the door with no further incident. Boy he was scary. So then the next day we went to the fair...

Pricked by the arrow...

After spending the previous nights of the week in several hour discussions and positvely enjoying myself. I asked Kim to accompany me to Avila Beach. After strolling along the pier, listening to the sounds of the moonlit ocean, and talking for several more hours, Kimberly Nicole van Kranenburg is my girlfriend. I was told by several people in the BU that it's not surprising in the least. Kim and I both agree that this is something that has unknowingly been brewing for a long while now.

Friday night we went to the movies with a friend of hers and the friend's boyfriend. It turns out the movie is Pirates of the Carribean, why does this all look so familiar...Kim was right it was worth seeing twice, but for her three times? Saturday was a really fun day, but that's for another entry so as to keep entries short. (I'm really trying here, there is just so much to relay though...)

Part 3: Fencing Fun-day

So, after I got back from the wedding (and by after I mean 15 mins after), I went to Santa Rosa park to help celebrate Bastille Day and to take part in a fencing fun day. That was really a lot of fun. It started out with a BBQ as is so common with every even that goes on in CA. Wonderfully done tri-tip and then the usual sides. After that, Coach Eric started to teach everyone some of his games. I really like playing his games. I might even some day figure how to juggle because of his wonderful hand-eye coordination games. After a few of those and some raffle drawings there was the tournament. Eric apparently came up with this idea for a fun derivation of modern bouting that he calls "Fencing in the Round." It's very neat. Instead of having a normal strip for fencing on, there is a huge square set in place. You can move anywhere inside this square and there are a few rules from normal fencing that have been eliminated because they don't make sense when you are moving around a square. I unfortunately didn't do very well because my first two bouts (it was double elimination) were against Mary and Nicole succesively, but it was fun otherwise. I got really tired, being out in the sun and everything and the whole weekend being what it was. I didn't get much sleep that weekend. I was up late thursday night talking to Kim, friday night I was up because my host was still up and it would have been rude of me to go to bed before him, and saturday I was up because we ended up watching movies and driving around. So I left the tournament before it was over. It will most definitely be something that I do again though. I had fun.

Later that night I got the urge to watch Pirates of the Carribean because I hadn't seen it yet and I had been told that it was really good. I called up a bunch of people but no one was around when I called. Well ok not everyone, I called and chatted with Jenn a little cuz I hadn't talked to her in awhile I don't want to ruin a friendship. It wasn't too weird or anyhting so that was good. So then I went online to see who was online. Lo and behold, Kim was online. So Kim and I went and watched Pirates of the Carribean, even though she had already seen it she said that it was good enough to watch again, and it was. Afterwards we went to Denny's and talked for several hours. Made for a very pleasant evening, if not a late one... So here ends the three part installment.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Part 1: Deja Vu

Well I shouldn't be surprised by now but it happened to me again. I am once again cast out of the blissful world of dating and bodily thrust into the lonely, bleak world of singledom. There were still cushions from the last time I fell, so it wasn't as hard a drop this time, but that doesn't mean that it was easy. On Tues night last week (over a month into the relationship, so I'm improving) Jenn told me that she had a nagging feeling that she was lying to herself. She didn't feel that she wanted me as her boyfriend. Well at least she was honest to herself. I couldn't ask much more than that because dishonesty would end me up like my first relationship. That doesn't stop it from hurting and making me even more wary and distrustful of the dating scene. Slowly. That's the key for the next attempt. Slowly... That's really all I have to say about that on to part 2.

Part 2: Blessed Matrimony

So because I was no longer using the weekend that Jennie and Matt were getting married as an excuse to go visit Jenn, it no longer made any sense for me to drive all the way over to Grass Valley. So I ended up hitching a ride with Mary. Unfortunately for me though, everyone I knew up there was part of the wedding party except me. So I felt like a real fifth wheel most of the weekend. It didn't help that I was getting shoved off from one person to another. First I was going to stay at Nicole's house but then she though it might be better if I stayed at Chris's house because the girls were going to out really late having their bachelorette party. So I asked Chris and he said that it would be perfectly fine for me to stay there. Then towards the end of the day he approaches me saying that he wanted to spend some time with his family since he just had a birthday and all. So I asked Eric if I could stay at his place and he had no problems so I stayed at Eric's place. Eric, however, was quite busy working on a project, so once again I was feeling very out of place and in the way. The next day was even worse for the fact that the entire wedding party was doing stuff and getting ready for things and I kept trying to help and getting told that it was taken care of so, I had to just wander around aimlessly. Then the actual wedding came, and that was wonderful but I'll talk more about that later. So then after the cereomony was an absolutely amazing Japanese Buffet. There was a Sushi bar that chefs were preparing the sushi before our very eyes, japanese dishes of every kind imaginable, and a string quartet playing in the background. Absolutely wonderful.

I had my fill of food and then came the cake cutting ceremony. Matt and Jennie were so cute, for the cake topper they had made and painted Warhammer figurines. One a warrior and one a female, bravely traveling down an unknown road side-by-side. It was way cool. Then the throwing of the bouqet, which Chelsea caught, followed closely by the throwing of the girter that was snatched mere centimeters from falling into my outstretched hand. Ah well. I didn't need it anyway.

So after that was done there was dancing. To a string quartet. I've never done that before. It was a little weird, but cool all the same. The first dance was a Tango by request. I asked Mary to dance and we danced Tango. Finally the song was over, I had dipped Mary, and I looked around. Mary, Nicole, Chris, and I were the only ones dancing with a huge crowd gathered in the background. I didn't realize we had been on stage. Then a few of the people walked off saying, "Well I'll leave the dancing to the professionals." Professionals. Yeah right. We danced a little more and it was fun then I was leaving. See Joe and Lisa had come up to the Wedding as well and they said that they could give me a ride back and get me back in time for the fencing tournament starting at noon the next day. (which I'll talk about in part 3). Anyway, we went to see my roomate in Fremont. We ended up watching the League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which I thought was very well done, and quite entertaining. Then we drove down to Lisa's. When we got to Lisa's she decided she wanted more time to be with her family so I then had to ask a huge favor of Mary, (thank-you, thank-you, thank-you) to come out of her way on the way down to pick me up. Then a huge mess started because the directions that I gave her were not quite right and she didn't get cell reception so I couldn't direct her and anyway she almost left without me. She ended up finding me walking on the side of the road with all my stuff. Oh the joy. Things worked out well though, and my escapade as a vagabond was over. I hate not having my own vehicle. Even for a short while. So anyway, now about the actual ceremony. I enjoyed that sooo much that I'm going to attempt one of my fictions about it. So here goes:

"The sun had just started reaching the angle that signaled an ending day, shining brightly behind the building that housed the beautiful wife-to-be. Matt stood at the alter, very conscious of every move he made and trying dearly to keep the smile plastered to his lips.

Then from the doors people began to appear. Two by two they walked, a groomsman elegantly escorting his chosen bridesmaid, as if he were escorting his own wife-to-be. The splendor of each bridesmaid was magnificent, but soon paled in comparison to the future wife. Jennie walked out, at first nothing but a shadow against a bright sun, but soon the trees blocked the light and an awed 'oh' rippled through the crowd. She looked absolutely breathless. A halo of greens sat on top of her head and around her hair, making the appearance of a legendary elf princess. Her white dress flowed behind her and the maroon bodice lay on her like a field of flowers on a beautiful mountain side.

While the strings played in the background the father escorted his daughter, who walked with such dignity and grace that she appeared to float across the ground. Looking at Matt, there could no longer be seen the nervousness or the self-consciousness that had been there moments before, but now stood a man who was looking at the rest of his life. He was looking at the rest of his life realizing with 100% certainty that no man was as lucky as he. Never once did his eyes fall away from the beauty that was his chosen one.

After what seemed mere seconds, and yet an eternity, Jennie was being kissed by her father and was given to Matt. The officiant, a boy of about the same age as myself, began to speak. He spoke of the love that was obviously between these two, saying that marriage was just an outward show of joining these two souls into one. No longer were they seperate individuals. Now each cared for the other as if they were caring for themself. It was obvious to all her were present that such a vow was not necessary for these two. Plainly in their eyes could be seen the unending devotion that was eternal love. These two were meant for each other and they both knew it. This ceremony was nothing more than a way of letting everyone else know it. A way of letting the world know it. Forever in my mind they are a symbol of hope, showing that my own desire is quite possible. I'm glad that I was able to view this ray of light, shining for all the world to see. I know that someday....I will make my own light!"

Well that's that take it as you will. I just felt that the ceremony was very special and needed more than just my usual blogging. There will be a part three, so keep in waiting.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

4th of July

Someone near and dear to me told me that a good way to keep blog entries short is to blog more often. I'm going to try that.

Friday night, the 4th, I was supposed to have been camping at Montana de Oro. Unfortunately we were unable to get a camping spot. So plan B went into effect, thank you Mary. We came to my place around 6 (we being Brian Grist, Mary, and I). We BBQed food, Mary made excellent pasta and fruit salad. Then afterwards we hiked up Bishop's peak so that we could go watch fireworks. We made it to the top with plenty of time to spare. We watched the sunset followed by a beautiful fireworks display from Morro Bay, Cayucas, and Pismo. It was absolutely wonderful because there was a layer of fog and the fireworks just barely made it up above the fog, sometimes not at all. It was really a neat effect. Unfortunately the wind was not blowing right so that we could hear the boom, but it was still breathtaking. We also had quite a perch, barely all managed to get up on the rock, then we had to have help to get down. Getting down was quite entertaining. I've never hiked Bishop's in the dark before. Oh I also forgot to mention. In memory of the camping that was to have been, while we BBQed at my place we took forks, stuck marshmallows on them, and proceeded to roast marshmallows over the remaining coals from the BBQ. It was a most entertaining process.

On a sad note about the fun excursion, I managed to snag poison oak yet again. I didn't realize it til last night though. I think I have it all under control today. I have spent most of today nursing it and will continue to do so. Anyway, just thought I'd drop an entry. See ya.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Part 3: Work

So I don't think that I ever mentioned. I didn't get the ASI job, but I did end up taking the Murray Station job. I started that 2 weeks ago. The day after I got back from Las Vegas. At least that's when I supposed to start. I didn't actually start until that Wed, but oh well. Then I took on a second position at Murray Station for a short while. I was working 9 hour days for awhile. I'm done with that until August sometime, in fact I think that it might even conflict with the trip that Chelsea had invited me to at Manhattan Beach. I'm going to be there for a few days at any rate, but I could really use the money. I brought in over 400 bucks for one week's work, that was very nice. I wish that I could find a second job that would allow me to do that every week all summer long. Oh well, we'll see.

I've been really enjoying work. Especially the office Assistant part. I get to sign all kinds of paperwork, make phone calls, talk to people as they come in, and I'm learning how to answer everyone's questions so that I'll be able to take over when Stephanie, the manager, takes off for her maternity leave. There will be at least 6 weeks where I'm going to be entirely on my own. It's kind of scary, but I think that I'll do alright. I mean I have my own desk, what more do I need to worry about? Hehe.

Well, that's all now really, I wrote three parts because I was told to write shorter entries. So a happy Independance Day to you all.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Part 2: Roadtrip

So the weekend before last I took a little roadtrip. That also happened to be the same weekend that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out. So friday night I went to Borders with a bunch of friends to wait in line for a book, even though I had it ordered since like January. I just wanted to see all the crazed fans, because that's normally really fun. So it was fun and Lyle won the first four books in paperback while he was waiting in line to pay for the 5th book. That was cool.

So the next morning at 5:30 I left for Fremont, CA to visit my roomate's new place. I stayed there for a few hours and then continued on to Jenn's house. She showed me around her town and we went to dinner. After dinner we went back to her house and watch "When Harry Met Sally." That's a great movie. Plus I got to cuddle up to her like I love to do. So that was most, most excellent. The next morning I got up and was moral support for her while she packed (meaning I stood around and got in her way :) . Then I left and went to visit Patrick's house for a couple of hours. Then I drove the five hours back home. I took a different route that I have been meaning to take for awhile now, but never got around to it. The route was to continue on 41 when it turns and I normally go on 46. 41 is such a fun road!!!! There are hills that you can't see over and sharp turns and it's absolutely gorgeous. It looks like some kind of alien landscape with it's rolling hills and weird plants, but that also could have had to do with the fact that I was listening to an episode of SG-1 while I was driving. It was a particularly alien episode too...

Then I finally made it home in time to read a couple of hours of Harry Potter. The next morning I went back to work, but that is another entry...

Part 1: Vegas

So let's see, about three weeks ago now, I went to Las Vegas with my grandparents and had the time of my life. It was easily the best birthday I can remember. While we were in Vegas we stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel, which was really pretty nice. I managed to only gamble away 20 dollars the entire weekend and that was money given to me by my grandma specifically for gambling anyway. Besides gambling, I got to see some really cool shows. The first one was the world-famous Siegfried and Roy. That was pretty cool, but was I really stoked about seeing and really, really enjoyed was Cirque du Soleil. That show was absolutely amazing. Oh, did I mention that in both shows we were close enough to reach out and touch the stage? It's funny too because we got the tickets very last minute and we got some of the best seats in the house both times. It was very cool. We also went to the Hilton and saw The Star Trek Experience, which was way uber cool. They had this enourmous timeline that linked all the episodes of all the different star trek series together. My roomate informed that there were a ton of discrepancies, but I didn't notice and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole thing. It took about and hour and half or more, but it was well worth it. Then they had this similation ride that was really neat. It had an unexpected story line that was really cool and actors in full uniform and stuff. So it was way neat.


Tragedy struck. While we were driving back to the hotel my grandpa noticed a funny noise coming from his car. He thought it was the transmission fluid being low. So we parked in the parking spot and he left the engine running to check the fluid. Lo and behold what happens, but the motor dies. All on it's own and we can't get it to start. So they call a repairman out he looks at it and tells us that the alternator has died, and that the soonest a shop would be open to deal with it would be Monday. We all needed to be back by monday morning, so that was no good. We ended up having to rent a car one-way, leave the other car there, and then one of my grandparents friends drove the car back for them. It was because of this disaster that I never made it to the top of the tower at the Stratosphere. We had been planning to eat there before the car broke down and in order for us to wait for the repairman we had to skip that. We did however eat at this really good Italian restaraunt there called Fellini's Ristorante. It was most excellent. Well that's all for Vegas...