Tuesday, July 08, 2003

4th of July

Someone near and dear to me told me that a good way to keep blog entries short is to blog more often. I'm going to try that.

Friday night, the 4th, I was supposed to have been camping at Montana de Oro. Unfortunately we were unable to get a camping spot. So plan B went into effect, thank you Mary. We came to my place around 6 (we being Brian Grist, Mary, and I). We BBQed food, Mary made excellent pasta and fruit salad. Then afterwards we hiked up Bishop's peak so that we could go watch fireworks. We made it to the top with plenty of time to spare. We watched the sunset followed by a beautiful fireworks display from Morro Bay, Cayucas, and Pismo. It was absolutely wonderful because there was a layer of fog and the fireworks just barely made it up above the fog, sometimes not at all. It was really a neat effect. Unfortunately the wind was not blowing right so that we could hear the boom, but it was still breathtaking. We also had quite a perch, barely all managed to get up on the rock, then we had to have help to get down. Getting down was quite entertaining. I've never hiked Bishop's in the dark before. Oh I also forgot to mention. In memory of the camping that was to have been, while we BBQed at my place we took forks, stuck marshmallows on them, and proceeded to roast marshmallows over the remaining coals from the BBQ. It was a most entertaining process.

On a sad note about the fun excursion, I managed to snag poison oak yet again. I didn't realize it til last night though. I think I have it all under control today. I have spent most of today nursing it and will continue to do so. Anyway, just thought I'd drop an entry. See ya.

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