Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Finally back at today

So I have finally caught up on everything. This weekend I am going to be going to visit my roomate in Fremont. That ought to be fun. In two weeks is the Manhattan Beach trip at Chelsea's grandparents house, which I'm very pleased to announce Kim is going to be able to accompany me to. Speaking of Kim things are going really well there. She is a lot of fun. It's most definitely a wonerful thing going on here. I've got to visit with her a family a little bit too, and I like them a lot too. So that's really good.

Work is going well too. I'm really enjoying it and I'm getting the hang of things quite nicely. I can answer questions with less and less help from Stephanie. Speaking of Stephanie, she is due in a little over a month now. It's probably not going to be too much longer til I spend all my time with just me in here. I've really enjoyed getting to know Stephanie though. It's fun because before she was always nice and everything but it was just kind of one those acquaintance kind of nice. Now her and brian seem more like friends. That's really cool. So yeah, I've just spent my entire day at work doing this update. You should all feel priviledged.

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