Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Part 2: Arrrr, avast ye scurvy scum...

So that I'm done talking about the costume man. Saturday was way cool. I ended up going as a monk, sort of. I had a brown poncho type thing with the sides sewn up and a black and gray bathrobe tie. It didn't look great, but it didn't look too terribly awful either. There were so many cool costumes there. I want to piece myself a buccaneer costume together. I have a good start already. I bought myself a rapier! It's so cool and it was only 28 dollars. I was way stoked. I've got a sword, I've got a sword. Ok I'm done now, but I'm way happy with it. At a later date I'll take a picture of it and show it off. Probably around the time that I finish the "about me" page. We ran into the costume man while we were there. He hugged me again, ugh. He also got to know my friend Brian Grist who did end up walking around with him the next day, but that is a story for him to tell.

We also had funnel cake and watched a jousting event. It was a very fun day. Then after that Kim, Dan Aidan, and Myself accompanied Mary back to her house where we went swimming, Mary made us dinner, and we watched Kate and Leopold. I thoroughly enjoyed that movie. Even if Dan's and my ice cream was eaten by the girls and we had to go to my place so that we could get the ice cream that I really was craving before we even went swimming. Ah well, what can you do? A very nice ending to a wonderful day.

Oh also on the note of the ren fair, I think that I'm going to be helping out giving demonstrations at another huge ren fair up north. That should be a lot of fun, I might even get paid to do that. We'll see, we definitely get free passes to the fair and free food as well as discounts at vendors. So that should be a really sweet deal. Yay.

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