Thursday, July 17, 2003

Part 2: Blessed Matrimony

So because I was no longer using the weekend that Jennie and Matt were getting married as an excuse to go visit Jenn, it no longer made any sense for me to drive all the way over to Grass Valley. So I ended up hitching a ride with Mary. Unfortunately for me though, everyone I knew up there was part of the wedding party except me. So I felt like a real fifth wheel most of the weekend. It didn't help that I was getting shoved off from one person to another. First I was going to stay at Nicole's house but then she though it might be better if I stayed at Chris's house because the girls were going to out really late having their bachelorette party. So I asked Chris and he said that it would be perfectly fine for me to stay there. Then towards the end of the day he approaches me saying that he wanted to spend some time with his family since he just had a birthday and all. So I asked Eric if I could stay at his place and he had no problems so I stayed at Eric's place. Eric, however, was quite busy working on a project, so once again I was feeling very out of place and in the way. The next day was even worse for the fact that the entire wedding party was doing stuff and getting ready for things and I kept trying to help and getting told that it was taken care of so, I had to just wander around aimlessly. Then the actual wedding came, and that was wonderful but I'll talk more about that later. So then after the cereomony was an absolutely amazing Japanese Buffet. There was a Sushi bar that chefs were preparing the sushi before our very eyes, japanese dishes of every kind imaginable, and a string quartet playing in the background. Absolutely wonderful.

I had my fill of food and then came the cake cutting ceremony. Matt and Jennie were so cute, for the cake topper they had made and painted Warhammer figurines. One a warrior and one a female, bravely traveling down an unknown road side-by-side. It was way cool. Then the throwing of the bouqet, which Chelsea caught, followed closely by the throwing of the girter that was snatched mere centimeters from falling into my outstretched hand. Ah well. I didn't need it anyway.

So after that was done there was dancing. To a string quartet. I've never done that before. It was a little weird, but cool all the same. The first dance was a Tango by request. I asked Mary to dance and we danced Tango. Finally the song was over, I had dipped Mary, and I looked around. Mary, Nicole, Chris, and I were the only ones dancing with a huge crowd gathered in the background. I didn't realize we had been on stage. Then a few of the people walked off saying, "Well I'll leave the dancing to the professionals." Professionals. Yeah right. We danced a little more and it was fun then I was leaving. See Joe and Lisa had come up to the Wedding as well and they said that they could give me a ride back and get me back in time for the fencing tournament starting at noon the next day. (which I'll talk about in part 3). Anyway, we went to see my roomate in Fremont. We ended up watching the League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which I thought was very well done, and quite entertaining. Then we drove down to Lisa's. When we got to Lisa's she decided she wanted more time to be with her family so I then had to ask a huge favor of Mary, (thank-you, thank-you, thank-you) to come out of her way on the way down to pick me up. Then a huge mess started because the directions that I gave her were not quite right and she didn't get cell reception so I couldn't direct her and anyway she almost left without me. She ended up finding me walking on the side of the road with all my stuff. Oh the joy. Things worked out well though, and my escapade as a vagabond was over. I hate not having my own vehicle. Even for a short while. So anyway, now about the actual ceremony. I enjoyed that sooo much that I'm going to attempt one of my fictions about it. So here goes:

"The sun had just started reaching the angle that signaled an ending day, shining brightly behind the building that housed the beautiful wife-to-be. Matt stood at the alter, very conscious of every move he made and trying dearly to keep the smile plastered to his lips.

Then from the doors people began to appear. Two by two they walked, a groomsman elegantly escorting his chosen bridesmaid, as if he were escorting his own wife-to-be. The splendor of each bridesmaid was magnificent, but soon paled in comparison to the future wife. Jennie walked out, at first nothing but a shadow against a bright sun, but soon the trees blocked the light and an awed 'oh' rippled through the crowd. She looked absolutely breathless. A halo of greens sat on top of her head and around her hair, making the appearance of a legendary elf princess. Her white dress flowed behind her and the maroon bodice lay on her like a field of flowers on a beautiful mountain side.

While the strings played in the background the father escorted his daughter, who walked with such dignity and grace that she appeared to float across the ground. Looking at Matt, there could no longer be seen the nervousness or the self-consciousness that had been there moments before, but now stood a man who was looking at the rest of his life. He was looking at the rest of his life realizing with 100% certainty that no man was as lucky as he. Never once did his eyes fall away from the beauty that was his chosen one.

After what seemed mere seconds, and yet an eternity, Jennie was being kissed by her father and was given to Matt. The officiant, a boy of about the same age as myself, began to speak. He spoke of the love that was obviously between these two, saying that marriage was just an outward show of joining these two souls into one. No longer were they seperate individuals. Now each cared for the other as if they were caring for themself. It was obvious to all her were present that such a vow was not necessary for these two. Plainly in their eyes could be seen the unending devotion that was eternal love. These two were meant for each other and they both knew it. This ceremony was nothing more than a way of letting everyone else know it. A way of letting the world know it. Forever in my mind they are a symbol of hope, showing that my own desire is quite possible. I'm glad that I was able to view this ray of light, shining for all the world to see. I know that someday....I will make my own light!"

Well that's that take it as you will. I just felt that the ceremony was very special and needed more than just my usual blogging. There will be a part three, so keep in waiting.


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