Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Part 3: Fencing Fun-day

So, after I got back from the wedding (and by after I mean 15 mins after), I went to Santa Rosa park to help celebrate Bastille Day and to take part in a fencing fun day. That was really a lot of fun. It started out with a BBQ as is so common with every even that goes on in CA. Wonderfully done tri-tip and then the usual sides. After that, Coach Eric started to teach everyone some of his games. I really like playing his games. I might even some day figure how to juggle because of his wonderful hand-eye coordination games. After a few of those and some raffle drawings there was the tournament. Eric apparently came up with this idea for a fun derivation of modern bouting that he calls "Fencing in the Round." It's very neat. Instead of having a normal strip for fencing on, there is a huge square set in place. You can move anywhere inside this square and there are a few rules from normal fencing that have been eliminated because they don't make sense when you are moving around a square. I unfortunately didn't do very well because my first two bouts (it was double elimination) were against Mary and Nicole succesively, but it was fun otherwise. I got really tired, being out in the sun and everything and the whole weekend being what it was. I didn't get much sleep that weekend. I was up late thursday night talking to Kim, friday night I was up because my host was still up and it would have been rude of me to go to bed before him, and saturday I was up because we ended up watching movies and driving around. So I left the tournament before it was over. It will most definitely be something that I do again though. I had fun.

Later that night I got the urge to watch Pirates of the Carribean because I hadn't seen it yet and I had been told that it was really good. I called up a bunch of people but no one was around when I called. Well ok not everyone, I called and chatted with Jenn a little cuz I hadn't talked to her in awhile I don't want to ruin a friendship. It wasn't too weird or anyhting so that was good. So then I went online to see who was online. Lo and behold, Kim was online. So Kim and I went and watched Pirates of the Carribean, even though she had already seen it she said that it was good enough to watch again, and it was. Afterwards we went to Denny's and talked for several hours. Made for a very pleasant evening, if not a late one... So here ends the three part installment.

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