Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Pricked by the arrow...

After spending the previous nights of the week in several hour discussions and positvely enjoying myself. I asked Kim to accompany me to Avila Beach. After strolling along the pier, listening to the sounds of the moonlit ocean, and talking for several more hours, Kimberly Nicole van Kranenburg is my girlfriend. I was told by several people in the BU that it's not surprising in the least. Kim and I both agree that this is something that has unknowingly been brewing for a long while now.

Friday night we went to the movies with a friend of hers and the friend's boyfriend. It turns out the movie is Pirates of the Carribean, why does this all look so familiar...Kim was right it was worth seeing twice, but for her three times? Saturday was a really fun day, but that's for another entry so as to keep entries short. (I'm really trying here, there is just so much to relay though...)

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