Thursday, February 05, 2004

Ballroom in 10 minutes

Today the officers of the ballroom club went to Farmer's market instead of a lesson and I passed out fliers for about 3 hours and the officers socialized and did some dancing and talked to people that stopped by the table. Overall, I think it was pretty successful. We even sold a t-shirt! The "Ghetto-box," as Lyle calls it, was once again malfunctioning. Now, for the last time. We've finally had it with the blasted machine not working and making our lives miserable. So this weekend we are buying a new one. Yay! Maybe all this extra advertising that we have been doing will lead to enough people at the dance to pay for it. Probably not, but that would be cool if it did. We'll see.

Also to do with Ballroom, we have had the same highschool that we did a lesson for at the start of break ask us back to do another lesson. So it looks like on Friday the 13th, we'll be headed out to avila to do a lesson for a Father/Daughter program. Neat.

In other news, I'm close to completing the proposal I have been working on for Jim the Owner of Murray Station Apartments for a different way of sending and recieving files that have to go back and forth from the main office and here. It would be neat if he does like it, even if he doesn't pay me extra for it (which would be uber cool, I could at least have an actual product of my coding attributed to my name. Well, that's all for now.

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Sam said...

Myles!! Heyyyy! I got your comment on my tagboard and saw that you had left a link too. Soo, I'm finally checking out your site and seeing things! It's great! lol Anyways, I love you and hope everything is going well!!