Monday, February 02, 2004

I'm uber cool

On Sunday I finally got Sean's QPS Que! Fire CDRW working in Linux. I was quite please with myself and Mary was quite pleased because that means that I can burn her CDs for her and she can have her music back.

The Argentine Tango workshop this weekend turned out pretty well. We ended up pretty much even as far as expenses went, which is much better than we were anticipating. We also had about 8 people total at the Waltz lesson on Sunday. That was cool, but hopefully we get more people. We're giving free incentives so that people will come. Bring a friend get a free lesson, couples get a 3 dollar discount, and sign up for a membership to get a free lesson and free admittance to our Winter Semi-Formal. Hopefully this kind of thing will just get the word out and get more people coming. I hope so.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the Argentine Workshop. I mean, it's not real Tango, but it was kind of fun. Had some neat properties to it, but I would much rather learn more American Tango.

Today I am really sick, I went to a midterm that I had to take, but I've informed my other profs that I'm not going to be in class today. On top of that it's very rainy and yucky outside. Not a fun day. Over all though, I'm pretty happy. I plan on getting better very soon.

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