Friday, February 13, 2004

Valentine's Day

Well, it's already Valentine's Day right now, but Kim has already gone to bed and I will be shortly so it doesn't count. Anywho, I am in LA for the weekend. First and foremost to pick up my new car, which I'll definitely have pictures of when I get back to SLO town. Tomorrow should be a really good day. Kim and I are going into town with my grandpa Lucky so he can show off the studio a bit and Kim and can get the grand tour. Then Kim and I get the afternoon to ourselves . After that my grandparents are taking us to this place called the 94th Aero Squadron. It's a restaraunt that is having a Valentine's special that includes a 5 course meal and dancing!! Kim and I are both looking forward to that.

On another note, I saw my car ever so briefly as I came inside, but it was dark so I couldn't get the full of extent of it. However, what I did see has impressed me. It's very high class looking. A very nice black paint job, tinted windows, and a sun roof (maybe moon roof, I'm not sure). Lucky says that it drives beautifully, so I'm looking forward to it. Kim gets to drive it back for me on Sunday when we head back home. I had my doubts at first about the car, but now not at all. I'm glad that it's going to be happening.

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