Thursday, February 19, 2004

Weekend Trip

So the Valentine's Day special was not as spectacular as it sounded. For starters, when we got there it was serve yourself hors d' oeurvres and half a glass of champagne. It then took almost 2 hours for the next course to arrive, which had they been serving champagne the whole time it would have been fine. That was not the case however, the half of glass of champagne was all we got. After recieving our salads it was another 30 mins for each course after that. Then there was the dancing...well let's say they had a floor made from wood squares laid over carpet. Then they only played rumbas and waltzes which Kim and I were the only ones there that knew how to dance to them. Needless to say it was pretty lame. We had fun earlier that day though driving around in my new car. So that was good.

Well it's a little while later since I started this entry so here's some more.

Tonight at fencing was one of the best nights that I have had in awhile. It was really nice. I fenced a ton of bouts and was doing quite well in them, then after that we had a great lesson. I feel quite good about that.

I'm also quite pleased with my new car. The more I drive it and work on it the more I like it. It has some wonderful features that are quite convenient. It also looks really, really nice when it is clean. It's black with tinted windows. Sean and I took pictures of it, however I have not recieved the pictures from Sean yet. As soon as I do, I will be setting up a gallery with lots of pictures. That's all for now, good night.

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