Monday, March 15, 2004

I have a new gallery!

So I now have a photo album of my car up. You should check it out at It's cool.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Next year

so I had a close race to be elected as HIstorian for next year in the fencing club. It has happened though, and I have a pretty sweet deal worked out too. See, the Historian's duties include taking pictures and organizing them, and doing all website stuff. Well I only wanted to do the website stuff. So Neil, Cheslea's boyfriend, said that he would take the photographs and Chelse would still do the artsy fartsy stuff for the pictures. So I get to focus on the website stuff. Yay, that'll be both fun and easy. So I get my fencing for free yet again. That's the important part. I just saved myself 75 bucks. (Granted I'm going to spend like twice that on fencing equipment). So yeah that was cool. Tomorrow night there is going to be a dance out in atascadero that should be pretty fun, but we'll see. Osmon the instructor that the ballroom club has hired several times, is helping to host this dance and that's how we know about it because he wants us to be there. It should be neat. Alright that's all for now. Pictures of the new Volvo should be coming soon...

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

So about hostcolor

Ok, you all may have noticed that I haven't update in awhile (you may have been expecting it, but it's not my fault!). So, Hostcolor, my webhost, had a "malicious hacker attack" about 2.5 weeks ago. This caused the server that my website is hosted on to go down. Then about a week later they got the site back up. Ok that's fine and dandy, I can be understanding to a point, a week was a bit of a stretch but if they got the site back up, fine. However, they did not. "We are concerned about hackers and are not able to enable cgi capabilities at this time." For those of you that are not computer saavy, no cgi means no Moveabletype, means no blog. It took me the last 2 weeks to get back access to my cgi folder and SSH access again. They kept telling that it wasn't going to happen, I will not be renewing my service with them come next year. I need to find another affordable host.

So lots of stuff has happened since last I blogged, but I've forgotten most of it. So the only thing that I really remember that I wanted to blog about was the berkeley fencing tournament. I got 16 out of 42. That's really good for it being my first advanced fencer tournament. I was quite satisfied with my performance overall. Ok, that's all I have to blog about right now.

Except for I found a cool program that allows me to create CD+G cd's (karaoke machine CDs). So I'm way excited about that. It also has the ability to take out the lead vocals of most songs, fairly accurately. So that's cool. Ok, goodnight.

Oh. My. Gosh.

So I freakin hate Hostcolor my web host. I'll explain later.