Thursday, April 22, 2004

Davis Tourney

So I haven't been to fencing except about the last three lessons and the previous two lessons were all about having an armouring session to prepare for the Davis tournament this weekend. So basically I'm going to suck it up at the davis tourney because I have fenced all of once in the last 6 weeks. In fencing, that's a really long time, but we'll see how it goes. I am driving and going with me is my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend Kim. Also going with me is tkcirtap and his better half Mara. It should be a fun trip. Patrick is offering food and shelter for the weekend and we're going to stay and watch the doubles epee exhibition bout. That should be cool.

Notes on the previous weekend. Plan fell through, Plan B fell through, Plan C was born. We went to Tahoe Joe's and had a really nice dinner as well as going out to Avila to where we first kissed and first started dating. I never could have guessed then how wonderful she was or how much in love I would be with her. Wonderful how that worked out. Ok, see ya.

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