Monday, April 26, 2004

hmmm, what else....

I need to figure out how to blog. I'm sitting here thinking about what I want to blog, but nothing much comes to mind. Mary told me that blogs are good for ranting, so lets see.... what can I rant about? Um... I had to wake up at 7 today, but that's not really that bad, I usually get up that early. But I was really really tired after a trip to Davis this weekend and I would have liked another hour or two. So I woke up early and dragged myself out of bed and it was freezing cold in my room. I guess that's what I get for leaving every window in the house wide open. Then on my way to work I was delayed for almost 30 minutes because some little red sports car decided to crash itself at the base of the grade. And of course every car that went by had to stop and gawk at it... why do people have such a fascination with mangled vehicles? Its a wrecked car, people. Just keep driving. Then there was the school bus and the trash truck trying to set the world record for all-time slowest vehicle still in motion. Yeah, I barely made it to work on time. And all this was before breakfast! Wow, what a great start.

Now I'm thinking it might be good to do some non-ranting, just to keep things even....

Today at work I managed to not fall out of my chair. Woo Hoo!!! If you're wondering about how I managed to fall out of my chair the first time, I'm not telling you. You already know too much. Just saying this much is a direct violation of Kim's Shyness Rule #1- never give people reason to make you embarrased. And that's why I'm NOT telling you what the other rules are- its too embarrasing. So what else can not rant about... hmm.... I finally made peace with my credit card! yay! I am very happy about that. I hate being in debt, and there's just something about that zero down at the end of your statement that is so satisfying. Anyone who knows me probably knows that I am kind of strange with my money, I like spending it when I think I'm spending on something important, otherwise I'm a miser. And I hate shopping. I absolutely cannot stand shopping. Department stores should be banned from existence. I can think of very few things I like less than going SHOPPING for CLOTHES. ugh. Nothing ever fits and its so expensive and it all falls apart a week after you buy it. Then it fades in the wash and shrinks in the dry and you're needing to go out and buy MORE. I shudder at the thought. Ok, I think I'm ranting again. But I won't stop. You can just call me butter (as Myles would say), cuz' I'm on a roll. ;)

Ok, what else. A little more about me, since you've already had a glimpse at the wierder side of Kim. I go to school but not because I expect it to get me a career, I enjoy my work, but it doesn't define me, and I like having credit cards but don't like to use them. I eat health food because I like it, not because I'm dieting. I like to read, but hate to write. I like science fiction and Tolkien. I like helping other people out, but don't like to ask for help myself. I want a family but I'm not sure I want kids. I love smoothies and will pay a lot more than most people would for a good one. And yes, Myles, I like nuts in my bananna bread. Probably the most amazing one is that I'm really shy and I hate letting people know lots of personal stuff about me, yet here I am learning to blog. Go figure. So that's all for now, folks. If I actually allow this entry to exist longer than a few minutes it will be the next great wonder of the world.

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