Thursday, April 29, 2004

I hate this class

So I just took that oral. Well sort of. I went to the instructor and asked if she had time, and she said no, because she was just ending her time on duty. She pointed to the instructor taking over for her and told me to ask him. So I went up to him and asked if he'd have time to give me my oral before the next one scheduled in 15 minutes, and he said yes. So I waited 10 minutes while he finished chatting with the student he had been talking to, then while he made some small talk with the instructor leaving, and then sat down with him. The way an anatomy oral is supposed to work around here is you get 10 points for finishing the lab work, then you can earn up to 10 more points by answering questions from the instructor. 19-20 is an A, 18 is a B, 17 a C, etc. Anything below 15 is considered a fail. Well I sat down with this instructor, he looked over my book and gave me 10 points for my work, and then said "ok, we're done". I looked at him a little confused and he told me that he was giving me 10 points. I asked if he was going to do the rest of the oral and he said, "no, I don't have time. You get 10 points." As I was sitting back down at my lab station I heard him call out, "Anyone who needs to do an oral, now's the time!".


At least I know that my lacrimal gland is working.

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