Friday, September 10, 2004


So today is friday. I'm glad I made it through this week. Even though it was a short week it seemed to go by so slowly. But now it's the weekend! yay! I still have to clean the office, but that doesn't take very long, the hardest part is getting my butt over there and actually doing it. Of course, after I'm done I feel really good because my weekend is officially started. So that's what I'm going to do tomorrow, it will be nice to have it done. Also while I'm at the office I'm going to make copies of our new music for choir. It takes a while, but I like doing it for the choir. I can't make donations in money or things to buy for the group, so I give by making time to do stuff like boring copies. I also make the parts tapes for people who don't read music. I enjoy doing that, because it's something I do really well and I know that it helps people in the choir. Now that we have new music I need to start learning it and get the new one going. Well, first copy the music. That's what I plan on doing tomorrow.

Tonight my dad asked me if I would think about singing a solo at our Thanksgiving concert. This is that big, whoop-lah solo that all the people in the choir have been squabbling over, that I never thought I'd get much of a chance at. Dad said that even though the other women who have sung it are much better singers than I am in the technical side of things, he likes my interpretation the best. He asked me if I would be willing to work on my problem spots, and start improving my tone, etc. so I could be ready to sing in November. I'm really glad that he asked me, and I want to do my very best. So I'm going to start working on it again. I hope I do well. I want him to see that I can do this, that I'm improving in my abilities and that I can be a capable soloist. I'll try my best, and I told him that. So this weekend I'll also start doing my vocal exercises again. That's in addition to the 30 to 90 minutes of piano practice I've added to my schedule so I can learn a new song, also at the request of my dad. He wants me to play a few classical peices on the piano as prelude music while people are coming in and sitting down before the concert. So I'm practicing until my arms are sore, then I rest a few days, then I practice again. At first I didn't see much progress and I was very discouraged, but this last week I'm finally starting to see little improvements. So I'll be singing and playing excercises on the piano, devoting probably 1-2 or more hours a day to improving my musical abilities. Man, it feels good! :)

Well I think I'm going to go to bed now. I have all this stuff in my head that I'm thinking about, and if I keep typing it, I'll be typing all night. I'd rather save my fingers for the piano. So, good night!

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